Preview of Sakes for Sake Festival 2024

SAKE News – Sake Festival 15 June, Sake Meguri 27 July, Japan Rail Cafe x Isego Honten Retail

Sake appreciation has surged in Singapore, making it the sixth-largest importer of Japanese sake in 2023. This explains the abundance of events celebrating Japan’s national drink in the country.

Orihara Shoten’s yearly Sake Festival is back on June 15, 2024, followed by Sake Meguri on July 27, 2024. Additionally, the retail space at JAPAN RAIL CAFE in Guoco Tower now serves as a Sake and Japanese spirits outlet, a collaboration with Isego Honten.

Sake Festival Returns 15 June 2024

Sake Festival Orihara Shoten photo

Sake Festival 2024 by Orihara Shoten returns on 15 June 2024 from 2 to 7pm at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Level 4, Hall 404. The 9th edition of the annual festival has been upgraded to a bigger air-conditioned space within Suntec City. This is double the size of last year’s edition.

Expect over 300 labels from 30 sake breweries in Japan. Each sake brewery booth will be helped by the toji (brewer) or kurabito (brewery representative). Some of the breweries and sakes you can expect this year include Minenohakubai Brewery (featuring Ryouko Junmai Ginjo), Makino Brewery (featuring Macho Omachi), Nabedana Brewery (featuring Fudoh Junmai Daiginjo), and more.

A crew of certified sake sommeliers will be on the ground for the first time. The eight professionals will be at the festival to recommend sake and food pairing options. Approach any of these sommeliers for advice.

Chefs from 7 Japanese restaurants at Tanjong Pagar or “Tanpaga” chefs, have come together to jointly create a menu for Sake Festival 2024. “Tanpaga’ Chefs include Yoshikawa Daisuke (Pulsii Wood Fire Restaurant & Bar), Keita Ogata (Teppan Works), Hiroko Ono (Access Tohoku), Koki Miyoshi (Hearth Irori & Oden Izakaya), Sho Naganuma (Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar),  Kenichi Ikehata (Ramen Matsuri),  Tetsuo Komine (WanoNiku). Leading the group are Chefs Sho NaTorasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar) and Kiki Miyoshi (Hearth Irori & Oden Izakaya).

Tickets to Sake Festival 2024 are S$60 per person. There is a special 5+1 bundle for S$300 while stocks last). Get your tickets from or at Orihara Shoten Robertson Walk.

Sake Meguri held on 27 July 2024

Sakesg photo

Sake Meguri makes its return to Singapore on 27 July 2024 at Singapore Expo Foyer 1, Level 2, (Peridot 201-203). Dive into the world of premium sake at Sake Meguri organised by Over 200 premium sake labels from 18 renowned sake breweries in Japan alongside’s range of premium sakes will be showcased. Sample the wide range of premium sake from 12pm to 5pm.

Renowned brands such as Kirishima Shuzo, Choya Umeshu, Hakkaisan Brewery, Kitaya, Nambu Shuzojo, and more, will be showcasing their finest sake, specially crafted to take you and your taste buds to the heart of Japan. Award winning sakes recognised by the Singapore Sake Challenge held for the first time last year will also be showcased.

Get your hands on ’Star Buy’ promotions with up to 60% off a curated selection of sake products and special discounts on all sake products at the event.

Single tickets are price at S$65, bundle of four at S$260 and bundle of 10 at S$650. Early-bird promo till end of June. All tickets include access to the Grand Tasting, a free goodie bag worth up to S$80 containing Riedel glassware, bottles of sake, wine and umeshu and a variety of snacks. Get your tickets online.

Japan Rail Cafe x Isego Honten Retail Space

JAPAN RAIL CAFE x Isego Honten
JAPAN RAIL CAFE x Isego Honten

The retail space at JAPAN RAIL CAFE at Guoco Tower is now a permanent showcase of sakes and spirits. The collaboration with established Japanese liquor and spirits company, Isego Honten will introduce many spirits in Singapore for the first time. In-store sommeliers with years of sake tasting expertise will be at hand to help recommend appropriate libations to customers.

Customers will also be able to enjoy a curated sake pairing for each appetiser on the dinner menu. A tasting ticket will be introduced, allowing customers to sample various sake before purchasing a whole bottle, by exchanging tickets for 20ml tasters. There will be a rotation of at least 10 different sakes to taste, subject to availability. Each sampler requires one ticket, with premium labels of sake requiring two or more. A bundle of six tickets costs S$10+. Corkage is complimentary with any bottle purchase from Isego Honten with a 10% service charge applicable to all bottles consumer on premises.

Some exclusives available include the Flamingo Orange Shochu, Kokubu Shuzo priced at S$53.80++ per bottle or S$8.90 per glass, or the Shishinosato Junmai Ginjo Komi Oryzae at S$54.55++ per bottle. There are also the Yukinobijin Junmai Daiginjo, Akita Jozo at S$9510++ per bottle and the HIRAN Heaven, Mori sake Brewery.

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