SORA Japan Gourmet Hall Opens at Changi Airport Terminal 2

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Sora Japan Gourmet Hall Opens at Changi Airport Terminal 2

The newest and largest dining concept to open in Changi Airport’s Terminal 2 departure hall is the SORA Japan gourmet hall. It is located on level three just above from Check-in counter row 7 (ANA). SORA houses six Japanese restaurant brands which serve up ramen, sashimi, okonomiyaki and beverages. You can dine here between 10.30am and 11pm any day of the week.

SORA means sky in Japanese and is operated by ANA Trading, the trading arm of Japanese airline All Nippon Airways. Interestingly, ANA Trading also handles boarding tickets, airport stores, in-flight sales and in-flight entertainment such as visual materials, aircraft bodies and aircraft parts. ANA Trading Group companies operate under five companies – Retail Business, Digital Marketing, Food Business Company, Aerospace & Electronics Company and Lifestyle Business Company.

This is the first SORA outlet outside of Japan. SORA Gourmet Hall is modelled after airline lounges which offer dining and beverage options as well as many different seating options with power sockets to charge devices.

Japanese Brands at SORA Japan Gourmet Hall


Japoli Kitchen

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu SORA

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

Of the six Japanese brands at SORA, Tsuruhashi Fugetsu and Japoli Kitchen are two new-to-market brands.


Tsuruhashi Fugetsu Mix Modan

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is famous for its okonomiyaki in Osaka. The pancakes of fresh cabbage, yakisoba and battered meat and seafood are grilled and topped with Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise and bonita flakes. They are priced from S$13 onwards.

SORA - Japoli Kitchen's Mentaiko Pizza

Japoli Kitchen’s Mentaiko Pizza S$15

Japoli Kitchen offers Italian dishes with touches of Japan from S$10.80. The menu includes freshly-made pizzas using Japan imported dough such as Pizza Margherita and Mentaiko Pizza.

Menya Takeichi Special Shoyu Ramen S$17.20

Menya Takeichi Special Shoyu Ramen S$17.20 at SORA

Menya Takeichi, Tokyo’s top chicken ramen chain, serves up collagen-rich Chicken Paitan broth ramen dishes from S$13.90.

Kuro Maguro's Toro Butsu Meshi S$29.80 at SORA

Kuro Maguro’s Toro Butsu Meshi S$29.80 at SORA

Kuro Maguro was started by Japanese fish wholesalers, offering meshi (rice dishes) with kaisen (seafood) and torobutsu (tuna) priced from S$18 that are air-flown daily from Japan.

Tendon Kohaku Tendon S$17.70

Tendon Kohaku Tendon S$17.70 at SORA

Tendon Kohaku specialises in Edomae-style tendon where the crisp tempura are drizzled with tendon sauce. Prices start from S$16.60.


Tokyo Sundubu – Health and Beauty Sundubu S$19.30

Tokyo Sundubu is Japan’s largest restaurant chain that serves Korean stew. Order a Sundubu Jjigae which is filled with hand-made tofu, vegetables and ingredients such as chicken, beef, asari clams and shrimps from S$15.



The SORA Bar offers desserts and beverages. You can enjoy a Hokkaido milk ice cream, sake and cocktails including the Singapore Sling or Mojito here.

Tap your purchases to a tag and pay when you exit at SORA

Tap your purchases to a tag and pay when you exit at SORA

So just how does it work here. When you enter, each person will be given a tag. After you order from any of the six stores within SORA, your purchases will be stored in the tag. Present the tag at the cashier before exiting and pay for your meal.


Leave your luggage at the storage area

There is a luggage storage area so you can leave the big baggage at the entrance and enjoy your meal without cluttering the space in the dining area.

Kids area in SORA

Kids area in SORA

SORA is kids friendly. There is an area for the kids to play while the adults dine. There are also power points throughout the dining hall for you to charge your phones and laptops.


Tatimi Seats or Booth Seats at SORA

Tatami Seats or Booth Seats at SORA

There are different types of seating in the 7,760 sq ft space which can accommodate around 300 diners. There is a small section that offers Tatami seats. Booth seats are also available.

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