Start Your Morning with Subway Flatbread Breakfast

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New 3" Flatbread Breakfast Meals at Subway

New 3″ Flatbread Breakfast Meals at Subway


Need a quick bite before rushing off to the office? Subway offers breakfast meals till 11am from S$3.90 which includes a 3″ Flatbread Sandwich completed with  hash browns and a nice cup of coffee/tea.  Now you STAY FRESH & EAT FRESH to begin your day.

Sausage, ham or bacon topped with toasted cheese, wrapped in fluffy omelette and flatbread, its irresistible goodness served in a handy portion that you can enjoy a delicious breakfast even on-the-go. The hash browns are oven baked to minimise the use of oil, making your breakfast healthier while you can still savour on your crispy indulgence.


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