What’s New at The Raffles City B1 & B2 Link

Did you know that there is a new short cut from City Hall to Esplanade MRT / Suntec City? And, it is underground where you are sheltered from the sun & rain. It’s the all new Raffles City B2 link. Even though it’s the new SHORTCUT, but with the new revamp at Raffles City, you can also plan a few stopovers for food, snacks and shopping before you reach your final destination.

Raffles City invited us to a Tea & Tour session to introduce some of these new outlets. You should also check out the full shop listings and latest promotions at the Raffles City website. We were pleasantly surprised with the variety of F&B outlets available in Raffles City.

Hungry and you need some savories to fill your stomach

Tokyo Deli Café #01-16
If you like something different from the norm, why not try Tokyo Deli Café. Chef Tsutomu Koga serves Japanese fusion cuisine with a variety of desserts & aromatic coffee to complete your dining experience in this chic black & white French décor shop.

The Hand Burger #B1-65/66
For burger fans, The Hand Burger is not to be missed. With its new location at Raffles City B1, the outlet is much more spacious than before the revamp and serves their renown selection of handmade burgers from Meat and Poultry to Seafood and Vegetarian burgers. You will definitely find something that suits you.

Skinny Pizza #B1-63/64
What a crack! That’s the slogan for Skinny Pizza. Their pizza crusts are so thin and crunchy you will hear that crack sound with your every bite. Skinny Pizza also has a good selection of cakes for those with sweet tooth, and their Truffle Fries are not to be missed. Skinny Pizza is run by the same people who run Barracks and Camp in Dempsey.

Soup Broth Asia #B1-62
Brought to you by the creators of Soup Spoon chain, Soup Broth Asia serves Asian inspired soup meals for those who enjoy a nice bowl of grandma home cooked soup, completed with a bowl of rice. My personal favourite is Lotus Root & Pork Rib Soup while Adrian prefers the Hainanese Beef and Tripe Soup which is more of a thicker broth style. The soups come in a rather filling sized bowl and are reasonably priced.

If you wanna have some tea & cake before you carry on your journey.

Fruit Paradise #B1-44
Pastry fans should be familiar with Fruit Paradise’s delectable fruit tarts created by Japanese Pastry Chefs. They have recently added soy bean based tarts for those who prefer a lighter taste compared to their regular chocolate and cream based tarts. Remember to order a pot of Gryphon tea, a PERFECT MARRIAGE with the tarts.

Healthy Treats on the go.

Fruit Frolic #B1-67
Fruit Frolic’s cold pressed Living Juices contains up to 6 times more live enzymes and vitamins than normal fruit juices. They serve a wide range of fruit juice combos for your daily beauty & physical needs like Cholesterol Buster, Cold Fighter, Collagen Booster & many more.

Yoguru #B1-70
If you wanna have something to munch as you make your way towards Esplanade / Suntec City, why not pop over to Yoguru to grab a bowl of light, healthy & refreshing yoghurt ice cream with fresh fruits and dry nuts topping. With all natural toppings, and a healthy dosage of yoghurt ice cream, you’ll be grinning from cheek to cheek as you journey through B2 Link at Raffles City.


Dazzling Naturals #B2-26
A homegrown label that offers products of superior quality ranging from body care to refreshing herbal teas and mineral cosmetics. Dazzling Naturals is your one-stop shop for a holistically natural approach to your personal care and well-being from head to toe and inside out.



My Type Store #B2-15
Know yourself better, know what to eat for your Blood Type. My Type Store offers supplements that are custom blended for each blood type and formulated using natural whole food sources. They also offer Acugraph Test that lets you find out the qi or energy level in your various organs, letting you know what supplements is suitable for you.

Article and Photos contributed by Dennis Seow


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