Getting the new pair of glasses at W Optics at Suntec City

Check Your Eyes with the W EYExperience at W Optics

Getting the new pair of glasses at W Optics at Suntec City
Getting a new pair of glasses at W Optics at Suntec City

Eye health is important and you want to make sure that you protect both your eyes when you still can. Recently, I had to change my glasses of over-a-year because my lens degree had changed. My vision was not as clear as before, and I hated that. It’s one of those things that happen with age.


The W EYExperience

Go through a thorough eye examination at W Optics
Go through a thorough eye examination at W Optics

When W Optics asked me to come down for an eye examination and consultation with their optometrist, the timing was perfect.

The W EYExperience Comprehensive Eye Examination is a 30-minute eye examination. The optometrist will put you through up to five clinical-grade equipment to detect a variety of eye conditions. W Optics is the first optical retail chain in Singapore to offer such a comprehensive eye examination.

There are six tests in total.

  1. The optometrist will speak with you to find out your existing visual correction, lifestyle and general health
  2. Eyes will be checked for autorefraction and perform Keratometry reading to measure the corneal curvature
  3. Checks for myopia/hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, pupillary distance and dominant eye
  4. Check for squint eye, lazy eye, colour deficiency
  5. Check for macular (central retina) health with the asmler grid
  6. The Slit Lamp Biomicroscopy checks contact lens fitting, cornea integrity, dry eyes, anterior chamber angle, eyelids condition, crystalline lens health (cataract)
  7. Tonometry checks for eye pressure (intraocular pressure)
  8. Fundus Photography checks mid-peripheral retina health, optic discs and macular health

Besides the W EYExperience tests, W Optics can also provide additional chargeable tests to examine other eye conditions or diseases including age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma.

This comprehensive eye examination is available at the Suntec City and Great World City outlets.

I had a lot of questions for my optometrist during the process and my eye examination took a bit longer than the estimate half-hour session. That was also partly because I am long-sighted, short-sighted and suffer from astigmatism in my left eye. I needed a pair of glasses that could correct all the conditions and yet help protect my eyes from the harmful sun UV rays.

W Optics - Choosing the right lens that suits you
Choosing the right lens that suits you

W Optics carries over 60 brands of eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and specialty lenses (Orthokeratology/Ortho-K/OK Lens) and over 3,500 eyewear designs.

So when it came to choosing my lenses, I headed to the Essilor counter which my optometrist explained that the best solution for me would be Essilor’s Varilux X Series which lets me see near and far. They would also add on Essilor’s photochromatic Transitions coating onto my lens. The lens will turn dark when the sun’s UV rays hit the transparent lens.

Essilor Varilux X Series with lenses and Stealer Frames from W Optics
Essilor Varilux X Series lenses with Transitions photochromatic and Stealer Frames from W Optics

I have been wearing my new pair of glasses for over a month and am absolutely grateful that clear vision has been restored. Now I can see clearly be it far away or when I am reading. The progressive glasses have been well fitted to fit my face comfortably. You’ll see less of me removing my glasses trying to decipher what’s on the menu when dining or trying to read the details on a business card at events.


W Optics at Suntec City is located at 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-400, Suntec City, Singapore 038983

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