Singlish Taboo Available in Singapore

16 November 2011, Singapore – The next time you engage in a night of fun with your friends at home, it will be a night of more Singlish with Hasbro’s latest game Taboo.  The Singapore edition action game TABOO was launched on 8 November.

In a survey conducted on 734 Singaporeans aged 16 to 50, the most common taboo action they were guilty of was jaywalking.  Others included littering, cutting queues, smoking in non-designated areas, pretending to be sick so that they can get an MC and “siam” (skip) work.   The most commonly used colloquial term by Singaporeans is “Alamak”, which you would find in the new Taboo Singapore version game.  Other colloquial expressions include Kiasu, Atas, Chope and Calafare.

There are 400 local guess words covering acronyms such as ATM and ERP, expressions such as Blur Like Sotong and Yaya Papaya, events like the Big Walk and Chingay, favourite local dishes like Char Kway Teow and Milo Dinosaur,  local brands, personalities and unique to Singapore terms such as 4D.

New to the game is the Game-Changer Die.

After rolling the die on your turn as the Clue-giver, you will be asked to play out one of the rules below:

  • One Guesser – Choose any one teammate to be the guesser on your turn.
  • All Play – Both teams guess as you give the clues
  • Double The Time – Play through two timer cycles
  • Classic Play – Follow the classic TABOO rules while giving clues
  • Statue – You must sit perfectly still while giving clues

TABOO Singapore version game is retailing at S$49.90 at Toys R Us, selected bookstores and all major department stores.


We’re giving away 1 set of the Singlish Taboo to our fans in Singapore, closing date for this contest is 30 November 2011.

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    I am looking for Singlish Taboo boardgames.

    Do you sell them? How much and where can I collect it?


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