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Evil Dead is the remake of Director Sam Raimi box office hit ‘The Evil Dead’ filmed in 1981, which later became one of the largest cult film trilogies from the 80s. The plot starts off with five friends gathering at a remote cabin the middle of the woods, finding a Book of Dead in the basement and this nerd with an curious streak deciding to read the inscription on the book out loud.  And if you are guessing… YES he is BLONDE, you always need someone like that to get the tragedy rolling.

The lame beginning is compensated by the suspense and thrill that is built up in the later part of the .  Cinematography is well executed by Director Fede Alvarez, setting the mood right and building up the creepiness. Evil Dead is definitely not for the timid, as it is a film out to terrify you and the goriness of it is comparable to ‘SAW‘ series.

Stay on for the post credit scene, I guess there are hinting for a sequel or even a trilogy like the original ‘The Evil Dead’ trilogy.

To my surprise, I find Evil Dead quite entertaining and I am actually looking forward to the sequel if there’s going to be one. In the meantime, I shall head to the video rental store to find the 80s trilogy for a weekend movie marathon.

I would give Evil Dead a rating of 3 out of 5, as I am not a fan of gore but if you are a sucker for blood and flesh, Evil Dead is definitely the movie for you.


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