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[Infographic] How Psy Gangnam Style Video Took Over the World

PSY In Singapore

18 December 2012, Singapore – Global TV site Viki recently published an infographic based on viewership on revealing Kpop star’s phenomenal video pageviews of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’.   The infographic reveals how the music video moved around the world since it took off in August this year.

Data for the infographic was taken from Viki’s analytics dashboard ranking the top 20 countries where the video has been most viewed including a month-by-month viewership spread from S. Korea to North America, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and The Caribbean.   The video has been translated into 24 languages.

Check out our photos and video of Psy performing at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


Viki Infographic: The Year of Psy
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