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2 August 2011, Singapore – Channel [V] will be airing V Special : Amy Winehouse Live At The Forum this Sunday at 8pm on StarHub Channel 531 with additional repeats on 12 August (2pm, 5.30pm, 10pm) and 14 August (2pm).  We celebrate her life and music and remember her when she was at her best in the 2007 Live AOL Winter Warmer concert.

Amy Winehouse was known for her eclectic blend of musical genres including soul, jazz and R&B.  This British singer songwriter’s soulful voice and distinctive looks has set her apart from the rest.  Who can forget her black beehive hair!!

In 2003, she won an Ivor Novello award for her jazz-influenced debut album ‘Frank’.

After that, she suffered a long period of writer’s block, having split from her boyfriend.  Only three years later, she released her second album ‘Back to Black’ which skyrocketed her to fame and won her five Grammy awards, including song and record of the year for ‘Rehab’.



Sadly, Amy Winehouse struggled substance and alcohol addiction for a large part of her music career.  She suffered eating disorders and a lung condition causing her to be in and out of rehab with repeated stints in hospitals and clinics.  Amy used her troubles to fuel her music, resulting in honest and personal records.

Amy Winehouse was found dead on 23 July 2011 and reports surfaced that her death was caused by a drug overdose but the authorities have announced that the cause of death was unknown at that time.

Following Amy’s tragic death, her second album ‘Back to Black’ re-entered the album charts and purchases of her records soared.  It made to number 59 on the charts within hours, knocking Adele’s ’21’ off the top spot.  Sales of Amy’s albums increased by 37 time within 24 hours.

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  3. South Beach Java says:

    That’s nice. They need to do something in remembrance of her. 

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