CONTEST: All I want for Christmas is a BLACKBERRY CURVE 3G

Thank you every one who participated in this contest.   There were many entries and choosing a winner was not an easy task for us.  Congratulations to Dawn Chua for winning the BlackBerry Curve 3G.  Scroll all the way down to find out what she wrote about to win this.

Dawn Chua's Photo submission to win a BlackBerry Curve 3G
Dawn Chuas Photo submission to win a BlackBerry Curve 3G

Always wanted a BlackBerry device?  Have you envied your friends when they BBM (BlackBerry to BlackBerry Messenger) each other without incurring additional charges on SMSes or when they are overseas and their roaming plans are capped?   Have you wished for a device that can let you type your messages or emails with ease without having to constantly correct your typo errors?  Do you wish your mobile handset was light and smaller so that it fits into your trousers pocket without sticking out like an appendage?

Well if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then the BlackBerry Curve 3G is perfect for you.   The BlackBerry Curve 3G is probably the lightest handset that I’ve used recently.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G fits nicely into the hands Sometimes not all things large are good

In the spirit of the festive season, the guys at Research in Motion (RIM) are giving away 1 BlackBerry Curve 3G to the most creative reader at!

Here’s how you can participate:

1.  Send in only 1 creative picture taken by yourself with caption, telling us why, and how much you want the BlackBerry Curve 3G.  The most creative picture and photo caption wins the device.   You do not need to be in the photo.

2. Send the photo and caption to together with your Name, Email Address and Mobile number.  Make sure the subject in your email is All I want for Christmas is a BlackBerry Curve 3G. Your photo should not be larger the 1MB

3. After emailing your entry, you may also tweet your photo, caption starting with “All I want for Christmas is a BlackBerry Curve 3G” and make sure you add @superadrianme at the end of the tweet.

4. Spread the love for this contest to your friends on Twitter, Facebook or any other means.  Here’s the link.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The prize – One BlackBerry Curve 3G without handset contract or plan
  • Duration of the contest: Dec 3 – 22, 2010
  • Last date for entries is Dec 22, 2010 2359hrs Singapore time.
  • Results will be announced on this post on Jan 3, 2011 and the prize will be sent to the winner by the week of Jan 10, 2011.
  • Judges decision of the winner will be final and no correspondence will be entertained.
  • This contest is open to Singapore residents only.
  • We reserve the right to publish your photo on this post.

Check out some of the entries.

Dawn’s entry on why she deserves to win a BlackBerry Curve 3G:

“My name is Dawn and I’m a sixteen year old teenager residing here in Singapore. As you know, being a teenager and such, if you’re not updated with the latest updates around, you might as well just commit social suicide. It’s horribly cliche, but it’s true to a extent! I’d really like the Blackberry because I’m a tech geek who still believes in using a keypad rather than a touchscreen (a little contradictory right there..) and I like keeping up to date with my friends, because the Blackberry is a perfect way to stay connected. Which brings me to my next point..

I believe that every photo tells a story, and in this photo I have attached showcases all my friends holding up signs that form the word “Blackberry pls?” through Instax photos. These are friends that I care about in one way or another. Sherlyn, (aka the letter ‘L’ in the ‘Blackberry’) is one of my best friends, and has stuck with me through thick and thin. Fiona, (letter ‘E’) has slept over at my place, and we spent the night having a really indepth conversation talking about boys, photography and life. Jasmine (letter C) was my junior in secondary school, and has pretty wicked music taste. Leonard and Danial (letter ‘L’ in the ‘pls’ and the letter A) and I met through the boys of the band A Vacant Affair, and the rest of the ‘letters’ I met through local gigs. I’m really passionate about photography and music, especially the former, so I thought I’d combine all my friends into a photo, so I’d be able to show that my friends (and boyfriend) are important, and that I can keep in contact with them with the Blackberry.

With the BBM function and the ability to install WhatsApp, I can keep in contact with Eldred (aka the person holding up the Y), who’s currently moving to Tokyo come January. He’s a 3D modeller by training and one of the sickest (I mean that in a good way) self-taught artists I’ve ever met in my life and I’d love to keep in contact with him, because I love asking him stuff about art (as a aspiring artist myself) and is a really nice guy who looks out for me like a older brother.  And Sabrina (the girl holding the S) has migrated to Texas, and I really do miss her a lot. We grew up together for a few years and she’s a young aspiring photographer like me, and never fails to inspire me. With them overseas, it’s a real pain in the ass to have to use overseas texting or calling as the bills just completely skyrocket. With the BBM function and the capability to Whatsapp, it’s a alternative to texting, alongside the Twitter and Facebook capabilities. Also, my boyfriend Raaj (aka the ‘B’ of the ‘Blackberry’) has a Blackberry and we are forever competing over holding mayorships of certain locations in Foursquare, because he has the Foursquare app. Currently I possess a phone which GPS doesn’t work, so I have less chance to check in and beat him -___-  (And yes, that is me in the last photo (the question mark), but effectively, twittering is like talking to yourself, don’t you think? :P)”

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  1. Adrian, few questions:
    1. Must the picture reflect me? Can it be the pictures of my friends or any objects taken by me?
    2. Can I send more than 1 photo?

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