Mitch Chilson

20 Minutes Body Weight Training Programme with Mitch ‘The Dragon’ Chilson

Mitch Chilson
Mitch Chilson

4 March 2013, Singapore – Mitch ‘The Dragon’ Chilson, the Director of Strength and Condition at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and also a professional MMA fighter with the Evolve Fight Team shares tips of working out anywhere without any gym of fitness equipment.  The 20 minutes Body Weight Training Programme is used as part of the training programme at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to improve flexibility, posture, core strength and stamina.  These simple exercises can be done on your own at home.

Mitch currently competes for ONE Fighting Championship and is a two-time Martial Combat, FC Super Fight Champion and a Thepprasit Stadium Muay Thai Champion.  He also holds a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Master Renzo Gracie.


1. Toy Soldiers (1 Set / 60 seconds)

What it helps?
– This exercise helps with lower body flexibility and also to warm up your body
Step-By-Step Instruction
– While standing in an upright position, place arms in front of you and swing your right leg to your left arm, then your left leg to your right arm
– Be careful to always keep your heels on the floor at all times

2. Wall Sides (2 Sets / 10 Repetitions)

What it helps?
– This exercise improves your posture and helps with upper body flexibility
Step-By-Step Instruction
– Standing against a flat wall, place your arms against the wall at shoulder height with hands out in front of elbows
– Slide arms up the wall; be sure to keep arms against the wall all the way to the top
– Slide arms back down to initial position

3. SLRDL (1 Set per Leg / 60 seconds per leg)

What it helps?
– Strengthens the hamstrings and glutes while also improving balance and stability in the legs
Step-By-Step Instruction
– From the standing position, balance on the right leg
– Keep your chest up with your shoulders back and hands to stretched out to the side
– Slowly bend forward, dropping the chest to floor
– As your upper body comes down, swing your non-supportive leg back
– At the bottom of the position, your final position should form the letter “T”

4. Hip Extensions (2 Sets / 10 repetitions)

What it helps?
– When you spend the entire day in a seated position, your glutes will become inactive. This exercise will turn the hip muscles on and activation them again
Step-By-Step Instruction
– Lay in The Supine position with legs bent
– Push hips up and contract your glutes and return to original position

5. Side Plank (3 Sets / 45 seconds per Set)

What it helps?
– Strengthen the core muscles and improve muscle tone in the midsection while also strengthening the lower back
Step-By-Step Instruction
– Place elbow directly under your shoulder
– Push hips up, keep head levelled with body
– Stay as straight and aligned as possible
– Extend arm up to keep shoulders back
– Hold final position for 45 seconds

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Middle aged curious individual trying to find a balance in keeping healthy and finding joy keeping fit. Because trying new food and drink is part of the work.


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