ASICS – Official Sports Brand for Singapore Netball National Squad 2013

2-Singapore National Players

Sports brand ASICS is the Official Sports Brand for Singapore Netball National Squad 2013. ASICS has supported Netball Singapore since 2009.

For the first time, ASICS will be equipping the Singapore Netball National Squad with the latest technical footwear, apparel and accessories for both local and overseas competitions for 2013.

ASICS is working towards the Asian Championships which will take place in Singapore in 2014.

Ryutaro Maruta, ASICS Asia; Sean Aw, Runner's World; Cyrus Medora, Netball Singapore; Andy Zhao, Runner's World
Ryutaro Maruta ASICS Asia Sean Aw Runners World Cyrus Medora Netball Singapore Andy Zhao Runners World

Ryutaro Maruta, Marketing Manager of ASICS ASIA Pte Ltd said, “ASICS owns netball, and for a good reason. Netball players around the world swear by ASICS shoes. Netball is played in almost every secondary school in Singapore and it remains one of the most popular women’s sports here. It’s about time that we provide our National Squad the best.”

Andy Zhao, CEO of Runner’s World Pte Ltd said, “We are glad where the ASICS brand is today, gaining great momentum through the past few years. Under our care, the opening of this store in the heart of Orchard Road will provide a convenient location for locals and tourists alike to buy their favourite ASICS gear.”

As part of the sponsorship, some of the national players will be featured by ASICS in advertisements across all social, media, in store, online and print platforms later in the year.

Five ASICS netball shoes are currently available in ASICS Singapore concept stores this year and additional shoes and apparels will be launched later in the year.

The national squad will be provided with full training and competition apparel, accessories and footwear which includes warm-up t-shirts, sleeveless training tops, travel bags, water bottles, backpacks, jackets, netball shoes and running shoes.  The team will be touring in the fourth quarter of the year once the newly appointed National Coach, Ruth Aitken, takes up her post.


Photo credits: Netball Singapore

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