Preparing for HSBC Women’s Champions with Lee Carrington

Holly Jean Beatrice Tan and Me at the Golf Clinic with Lee Carrington

28 January 2011, Singapore – Dressed in a full Taylormade adidas Golf outfit from head to toe, I was determined to rekindle with my golfing roots which I abandoned some 3 years ago.  Holly Jean, Beatrice Tan and myself were going to get a few hours of training from Lee Carrington, a member of the Australian Coaching Council and a fully accredited Level II Teaching Professional with the Australian LPGA. Lee has been coaching in Singapore since 1998.  Amongst the three of us, I am the only one who has played on the course.  So I couldn’t embarrass myself at Tanah Merah Country Club!!

HWC - Golf Clinic Set off to Range
Setting off to the driving range for our clinic

Lee taught us the basic theory of golf before some hands on.  We were given the hole-by-hole explanation as well as a map of the golf course and a score card.  She explained to us the basics and what to look out for on tournament day.


HWC - The 3 of us listening attentatively to Lee Carrington
The 3 of us listening attentatively to Lee Carrington
HWC - Lee Carrington
Lee Carrington in Action Well at least for the Theory part

Now to the more exciting action where we actually get to hold the clubs.  Here we were taught the different types of golf clubs as well as the very important grip.  Thank you Lee for the great tips.  You got my swing back in no time.



One thing’s for sure.  We were all having fun.

Wow that was a far shot

I better not miss the ball otherwise itll be very embarassing


Watching my ball after my swing
Looking pro eh 🙂

Smiles were spotted by Dennis who was photographing our session.  He took 500 over photos!!

Beatrice is having a lot of fun
Theres Holly grinning away I think Lee just told her that she can be a pro one day
Getting the grip correct It feels just like Tennis
The 3 stooges trying to hit the ball at the range
HWC - The 3 Stooges Look satisfied after hitting the ball.
The 3 Stooges Look satisfied after hitting the ball
Lee teaching us the basics of pitching


Lee teaches how to use the sand wedge to get the ball out of the sand bunker
Lee teaching us to read the green
Everyones listening and watching attentively
Looks like we have enough time for the rest to learn some basic golf
Lee shows Dennis the correct grip

After the clinic, Lee brought us round garden course to give us a hole-by-hole explanation.  This is the course that the ladies will be competing for the HSBC Women’s Champions from 24 – 27 February 2011 as they vie for the US$1.4 million prize purse.  I am looking forward to watching the tournament and hopefully capturing some interesting photos.

Join the HSBC Women’s Champions 2011 Facebook Fan Page or Twitter account to keep abreast of the news for the tournament.

HWC Lee Carrington - Tanah Merah Garden Course Tour
Lee Carrington giving us a hole-by-hole Garden Course Tour

If you are looking for a coach to learn or improve your golf, you can email Lee Carrington at



Photos taken by Dennis Seow with the SONY ALPHA A33 DSLR Camera.

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  2. Love this post Adrian! Fond memories.. was such a fun day!

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