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787-9 Boeing Dreamliner

Korean Air To Introduce Upgraded B787

      18 March, 2011, Seoul, Korea – Korean Air changed the model type of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was to be introduced next year to the more fuel efficient B787-900.  Ten 787s will be delivered to the airline through 2016. The B787 is made of carbon composite […]

Fan Yang’s Gazillion Bubble Show

17 March 2011, Singapore – Last Year, Fan Yang Gazillion Bubble Show was very well received by audiences.  It is back this year again this weekend from 18 to 20 March.   This famous bubble and laser show has been running in New York since 2007 with almost 1500 shows performed. […]

SHOWBIZASIA.com Enters Southeast Asia

  15 March 2011, Singapore – Singapore has another online entertainment ticketing website with the entrance of Showbizasia.com.   The difference of this new entrant and existing players is that it allows customers to plan and purchase their entertainment, accommodation, dining and attraction experiences in just a few simple steps. In […]