Korean Air To Introduce Upgraded B787

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787-9 Boeing Dreamliner

787-9 Boeing Dreamliner (Credit: Boeing)



18 March, 2011, Seoul, Korea – Korean Air changed the model type of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner that was to be introduced next year to the more fuel efficient B787-900.  Ten 787s will be delivered to the airline through 2016.

The B787 is made of carbon composite material allowing passengers to enjoy a quieter, more comfortable and environmentally friendly flight.

Last year, Korean Air introduced six new A330-200s which is somewhat equivalent to the B787, to minimize any affect the airline may have due to delays in the delivery of the B787.

Korean Air will also be purchasing two B747-8F frieighters rather than leasing them.  Maximum range of the B787-8F is 8130 km and it will carry 19% (134 tons) more than the existing B747-400Fs.  Korean Air will be introducing seven B747-8Fs through 2015.




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