Apple Maps Transit For Singapore – Commute By MRT & Buses And Prompted With Turn-By-Turn Directions

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Apple Maps Transit Singapore MRT Bus Directions

Commute by MRT & buses and prompted with turn-by turn directions via Apple Maps

If you have used apps such as or google maps while commuting via MRT and public buses, then you will most often be struck with some anxiety because you will be checking your phone every minute just to know which is the right stop to get off. With Apple Maps Transit, you will have a turn-by-turn navigation based on GPS location, so you will be prompted where to get off and which signs to look out for when exiting the station. And if you have an Apple Watch paired, your navigation will be reflected on the watch and will be nudged for all the prompts to get to your destination.

Transit can be found in the Apple Maps app preloaded in your iPhones, all you need to do is to search for a destination, click on Directions and click on the TRANSPORT tap at the bottom. SIMPLE RIGHT? Other than Singapore, Transit is also live in the US, Great Britain, China and Japan, as well as over 40 metro areas globally, and Apple will continue to add global support for metropolitan transit systems and schedules, working with over 500 transit agencies and 90,000+ station entrances surveyed worldwide.

Apple Maps Transit Singapore MRT Bus Directions

Apple Maps Singapore POI icons

And to make things easier for those who are not familiar with Singapore’s public transport network, Apple even got their design team to obtain fonts and colours needed for the exact imagery for the station signs, so that it’s easier to navigate to the right location on first try. Point of Interest (POI) across Singapore also get unique icons on Apple Maps for quick identification on the map at first glance.

So it’s time for you to go “Hey Siri, get me to …”

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