GlycoLeap: A Smart Coach for Type 2 Diabetes (Holmusk Photo)

GlycoLeap App Helps People With Type 2 Diabetes

GlycoLeap: A Smart Coach for Type 2 Diabetes (Holmusk Photo) GlycoLeap: A Smart Coach for Type 2 Diabetes (Holmusk Photo)

GlycoLeap is the new smart coach that supports people living with type 2 diabetes. The app is available on iOS and Android in Singapore. It helps people make positive changes in their lives to prevent long-term complications. It combines human expertise and mobile technology to help people lead a better quality of life.

There is a basic plan which is free. It lets you track your food, exercise, glucose all in one app. It is also a way to kickstart a healthier you with seven days of free dietician coaching. The Six-months Core Programme is chargeable at S$69 per month. This package offers you tools worth S$300+ to keep you on track including a wireless scale, a glucometer set and fitness tracker. This plan also offers you daily, expert guidance on diet and activity from your personal dietician coach who has a 360-degree view of your health habits. You can cancel at anytime. After you complete the core phase you can subscribe to the Maintenance Programme at S$20 per month. You continue to get access to all features and regular refresher lessons.

Holmusk, a digital health and data analytics company launched this flagship product in August this year. It delivers human coaching via a mobile app and integrates connected health tracking tools. GlycoLeap uses concepts from behavioural science to drive positive health outcomes for people with diabetes.

Users take photographs of their meals with Glyco app and a coaching team of qualified dieticians rate the meals and provide daily feedback and support. Users are also provided smart devices worth S$300, including a wireless scale, glucometer and fitness band to track weight, blood glucose and physical activity so the coaching team gets a 360-degree view of each user’s behaviour allowing them to provide the right feedback and support at the right time.

Today, diabetes affects more than 415 million people worldwide, and it continues to increase each year. Singapore has the second highest proportion of people with diabetes among all developed nations, according to a 2015 study by the International Diabetes Federation. Three out of every 10 patients with diabetes develop the condition before turning 40.

Plans are in the works to develop tailored programmes for people with prediabetes, as well as other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol in the next six months.

GlycoLeap is expected to become available in the United States, Malaysia and Hong Kong by early 2017.

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