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HTC Corporation launched the HTC Desire Z (RRP S$868) together with the HTC Desire HD (RRP S$888), both on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating system, and the new HTC Sense and on 7 October this year. At time of publishing, the phones are expected to be in stores in November or December 2010.

Living up to it’s tagline ‘Quietly Brilliant’ HTC prides itself in it placing the user’s experience a more personal and natural one.

A number of key innovations including a series of free connected services called that enhance your mobile experience on HTC Phones through HTC Sense.

HTC Sense Enhancements
1. Improve how you capture, create, share and access multimedia content
2. With a newly created camera experience, you can record HD videos or capture and edit images with a variety of fun camera effects.
3. With Locations, a new differentiated mapping experience, you have instant, on-demand mapping without download delays or incurring mobile roaming charges.
4. A new integrated online e-reading experience utilizing a new e-book store powered by Kobo and a new, mobile optimized e-reader that includes the ability to highlight, annotate and quickly search for definitions or translate unfamiliar terms.

With its easy to setup for a new HTC phone or access archived mobile content, you can manage your mobile phone experience from either your HTC phone or Personal Computer.

1. Locate your missing phone by triggering the phone to ring loudly even when it is set to silent
2. Flag your lost or stolen phone on a map
3. Remotely lock your phone, forward calls and texts to another phone, send a message to a phone to arrange it’s return or even remotely wipe all personal data from it

You enjoy touch screen on the 3.7 inch touch screen and qwerty keyboard all in one handset. The phone is 119 mm (L) by 60.4 mm (W) by 14.15 mm (T) and weighs 180 grams with the battery. The Desire Z is relatively heavy, but for it’s functionality and QWERTY keyboard, I am fine with it. It doesn’t fit snugly into my jeans pocket.

The processor is quick and you can work on emails and calendars with Microsoft Exchange, view Microsoft Office Documents and research online, all at the same time.

With free downloadable maps and HTC’s Locations and Footprints, you don’t have to wait for sections to load and spend too much on the 3G downloads or roaming charges when overseas. The map even turns to face the same way you’re facing.

I am always on the go, and what’s important to me is to be connected through Messenger, Emails, Facebook, Twitter where I constantly take and upload 5.0 megapixel colour photos. Unfortunately, the phone tends to heat up and gets discharged after around 4 hours of heavy usage, but then again I have been told that no mobile handset can really handle my usage! The camera comes with auto focus and flash and allows 720 HD video recording with face detection capability. There are also built in effects such as depth of field, vignette and lots more to play around with. This saves you the trouble of carrying around another camera.

What I like about the HTC Desire Z is the auto synchronization of contacts from my email and Facebook accounts – Saves me the trouble of updating.

I like the phone and user experience though I wish I had more time to fiddle with it before returning the review set.

Innovative Z-slider QWERTY keyboard

Application Icons Page

Click here for the HTC Desire Z Factsheet

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