M1 4G Prepaid Data Card

M1 Offers 4G Prepaid Broadband

M1 4G Prepaid Data Card

M1 is the first to offer 4G prepaid broadband service with the “M1 4G Prepaid Data” following the launch of South East Asia’s first nationwide 4G service in September last year.  For S$18, the M1 4G Prepaid Data is available in Micro or Nano SIM card with 1GB of local data, valid for 30 days’ usage or when the data bundle is used up.   The card can be topped up via M1 top-up card or a credit card.

Enjoy faster data access on your tablets and mobile devices on M1’s nationwide 4G network with theoretical download speeds of up to 75Mbps.  M1 4G mobile broadband service is available in Singapore (with typical download speeds at fixed locations ranging from 10.3Mbps to 21.6Mbps) except in MRT and tunnels, where there will be 3G network (with theoretical 3G download speeds of up to 21Mbps and upload of 5.76Mbps).

The M1 4G Prepaid Data card is available from M1 Shops and exclusive dealers.


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