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Camera Phones Allowed In Select Areas In 14 Army Camps in Singapore

Camera Phones Allowed In Some SAF Camps
Camera Phones Allowed In Some SAF Camps

4 September 2012, Singapore – Camera phones have been a prohibited item in all of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) camps here in Singapore.  However, this has been lifted with some restrictions at 14 selected SAF Camps from 1 September 2012 in a pilot security zoning programme.  These 14 camps will be segregated into either Red or Green Zones.

Green Zones are where camera mobile phones are allowed while Red Zones require you to deposit your camera mobile phones into provided lockers.  Red zones are areas where sensitive and classified information and equipment are processed or managed.  They include server rooms, unit operation rooms, and offices with computer access to sensitive information.   Green Zone areas include medical centres, bunks and cookhouses.

Pilot Implementation of Security Zoning in SAF Camps
Pilot of Security Zoning in SAF Camps

A perimeter fence will be segregate the Red and Green Zones with clear warning signboards prominently displayed at the entrance.  Digital locks will be installed to control access into the Red Zones.  CCTVs will be installed at selected locations within the Red Zone and monitored in the unit operations room.

List of Selected SAF Camps for the Pilot Implementation
List of Selected SAF Camps for the Pilot Implementation


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