Philips O Neill THE STRETCH Headphones

Philips O’Neill headphones made for active lifestyle

Philips O Neill Headsets
Philips | O'Neill Headsets

6 July 2011, Singapore – Philips and O’Neill has collaborated to launch a new range of stylish, comfortable, durable headphones that can withstand the rigours of the toughest and most active of lifestyles. These Philips | O’Neill Headphones were tested and approved by O’Neill’s toughest team riders. With a partnership rooted in durability and innovation, this high performance range of headphones marries the synergies of Philips’ simplicity and innovation and O’Neill’s set of core values based around the concept of style and technology.

O’Neill is a Californian surf, snow and lifestyle brand founded in 1952 by Jack O’Neill who pioneered the world’s first neoprene wetsuit.  O’Neill’s set of core values are innovation in style and technology – having developed the first ever neoprene wetsuit and surf leash, to the world’s first stitchless boardshorts and range of groundbreaking wearable electronics.  It aims to be one of the world’s leading youth lifestyle brands.

Philips O Neill THE STRETCH Headphones
Philips | O'Neill THE STRETCH Headphones

The Stretch, the toughest of the lot, is made with an incredibly sturdy material that has a surface hardness that is six times that of Poly Carbonate. Designed with the die-hard sports enthusiast in mind, these super-soft noise isolating headphones feature a cool wetsuit-inspired super-stretch headband to withstand the most extreme tugs and pulls imaginable. Available in black/white or red/black, the impact and high stress-crack resistance of these headphones lets you live life on the edge without worries of them breaking. (SGD$119)

Philips O Neill THE SNUG Headphones
Philips | O'Neill THE SNUG Headphones

Definitely created for the outgoing dare-devil, The Snug is as strong and fit as it is edgy with its bold graphics. You can also easily fold the headphones flat for convenient storing and carrying. Available in four different quirky designs, the tough tangle-free cables provide enhanced strength while its noise isolating super soft ear cushions enable total comfort and ease while standing out in the crowd. (S$79)

Philips O Neill THE COVERT Headset
Philips | O'Neill THE COVERT Headset

For an active, hands-free lifestyle, The Covert provides powerful sound from its discreet and small ear buds, while offering effortless control and chat with its iPhone track control and microphone. As with the rest of the headphones in the range, they feature tangle-free cables and reinforced connectors to stand up to the wear and tear from your dynamic lifestyle. (S$59)

Philips O Neill THE SPECKED Headphones
Philips | O'Neill THE SPECKED Headphones

And then there is The Specked, which comes in six daring colors including fuchsia, purple and orange. Although it screams fun and daring, it is sturdy and enhanced with tough tangle-free cables. They also come with a choice of three differently sized and colored noise isolating soft ear sleeves for ultimate style and comfort. (S$39)

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