Should Televisions Be A Home Appliance or Interior Decor?

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TV Should Be A Home Appliance or Interior Decor?

Furnishing you home with a new look? The television set (TV) is one of the must-have home appliances that completes the whole look of a living room or for some even in the bedroom. Other than its primary function of providing visual entertainment, wouldn’t it be great if TV can be a statement piece to compliment the interior design of the room? Or can have the creativity & flexibility to place in any spot in the room, rather than just offering the typical & boring wall mount or placing it on top of a TV console against the wall. When technical specs are secondary, while LOOK & FEEL is your utmost importance.

Samsung QLED TV optical cable

Samsung QLED TV’s Invisible Connection makes it neat and tidy

That is why you will need a TV which can have both the best technologies of a SMART TV and the attractiveness of a LIFESTYLE PRODUCT. The Samsung 2017 TV lineup is created with these criteria in mind and on top of that, it comes with an instant solution to make those visibly unattractive & chunky TV essentials like TV set-top box, Blu-ray player and game console can be hidden from sight. PRETTY straightforward right?



360 Boundless Design – Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TV boundless 360 design 2017 review

Samsung QLED TV comes with a boundless 360 design

The boundless 360 design of the Samsung QLED TV makes it easy to blend into most interiors when placed at any corner or centre of the room. No more messy cables dangling behind the console, as the 360 design includes the new Invisible Connection that runs through the QLED TV stands or wall with minimum visibility.


The Invisible Connection is a fibre optic cable which will be linked to a hub which connects all your other TV gadgets. The cable can be up to 15 meters long, so that means you can tuck away these devices away from sight and you no longer need a TV console under or near the TV. That will be a CLEAN look.

How about the remote controllers? Well… that’s all taken care of. With the QLED TV, the connected devices on the hub can easily be controlled with the QLED TV remote. So now you can keep your coffee table tidy with only one remote in sight.

A variety of stands are available to match the QLED TV to the style of your room. There is the artsy easel Studio Stand, swivel Gravity Stand and a standard TV stand. If you still want to mount it on the wall, the new NO GAP wall mount will flush the back of the TV to the wall to achieve that seamless look.

Samsung QLED TV boundless 360 design 2017 review

Samsung QLED TV stands and No Gap wall mount

For the most realistic video reproduction, the QLED TV’s Quantum dot technology can generate 100% colour volume and brighter for a true to life colour display with greater amount of details compared to conventional TVs.




Picture Frame Or TV? – Samsung THE FRAME TV



How about a TV that does not look like a TV when you are not using it? Samsung THE FRAME TV is a one-of-a-kind Smart TV that acts as a “picture frame” when it is in standby mode. Unlike the typical standby screen display, THE FRAME’s picture frame mode mimics how a real picture will look like in ambient lighting and the sensors on the TV will automatically adjust its display to match the constant change of lighting through the day. Making it hard for you to identify if it’s a real picture or TV display even from close inspection.


During picture frame mode, the TV uses minimum energy to light the display. When no one is in the room, the screen will be turned off, and it will pop to picture mode when the motion sensor on the TV detects a presence in the room.

The magnetic bezel for the TV can be easily snapped on and off to change to a different style to suit your mood. So maybe you can snap on a red bezel just for the festive season or DIY a unique bezel on your own.

Mount it on the wall, lay it by the wall or standing on the easel mount, this TV truly a piece of ART.


Interchangeable frames to match your style

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