Samsung WAM7500 Surround Sound Speakers 2

Samsung Changing “LOOK” Of Surround Sound Systems

Samsung WAM7500 360 Surround Speakers
Samsung WAM7500 WAM6500 360 Surround Speakers

On their way to become over lords of the technology world, Samsung has unveiled a series of new products from the usual smartphones, cameras to household appliances during their Southeast Asia Forum 2015. Previously, I did a first impression report on their newly launched NX500 ICL camera, but there was another “strange” product that caught my attention.

Samsung WAM7500 Surround Sound Speakers 1
The new table top Samsung WAM7500 features a ring radiator for an omni directional sound flow

Looking like an egg, I am sure everyone is scratching their head, wondering what exactly this is.

Surprise, surprise! This is actually a speaker. In fact, it is Samsung’s new “break-through” innovation towards surround sound.

Elegant Design

Proudly unveiled by Samsung, it is the brain child of their new state-of-the-art audio lab in Valencia, California. Using premium made materials, the speakers come in a minimalistic and elegant designs in matte white and black – looking almost like an actual equipment on a spaceship, don’t you think?

Samsung WAM6500 Surround Sound Speakers 2
As part of the new audio line up the WAM6500 is the battery powered portable version of the two

Omni-directional Sound Flow

On the technical side, they utilised their new “break-through” Ring Radiator technology – which, according to the Korean tech fore-runner, can preserve a perfect equilibrium between treble and bass while projecting the sound horizontally and vertically. Simply, it promises to deliver truly-balanced sound flow in a 360-degree radius throughout the room.

Consumer driven models

Traditionally, the WAM7500 can be used as a table-top model as a centrepiece due to its sleek design. Then again, if you want to spice things up a bit, the WAM7500 can also be hung from the ceiling; creating not only a brilliant display (if you’re affluent enough to afford a couple), but should also allow for a true sound experience. Or, you can bring the WAM6500 outdoors and enjoy its omni-directional surround sound for up to six hours anywhere before having to charge it up again.

Seamless connectivity

Samsung is all about seamlessness. They have successfully removed the clutter of wires and what not by making sure it’s real easy to get your music from your device straight to the speakers. It features easy set-up of the Dual Band Wifi (2.4GHz/5GHz), Bluetooth 4.0, TV Sound Connect and, even Compatibility with other Samsumg Devices (TV, Soundbar and more).

Like all their new products, they all maintain a common thread – “beauty and brains”. I can see this blending easily into any room interior, and, might get you curious stares and questions like “Where did you get this lamp?” While Samsung is not the first to offer up similar sound experiences, it definitely wins first prize with its space-age design. Honestly, if it truly delivers sounds like it promises to, with such ease, it would definitely knock its competitors out of the “ring”!

*Exact technical specifications and price will be announced at a later date.


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