Seagate Product Take Back Programme

Seagate launches Product Take Back Programme in Singapore

Users can now send in their old or used Seagate hard drives to Seagate instead of tossing them into the bin. The Seagate Product Take Back Programme in partnership with Shopee in Singapore, is part of Seagate’s sustainability initiative to reduce domestic waste created from retired and decommissioned hard drives. Singapore is the first launch in the Southeast Asian region.

Users can register their drives through the Seagate website and return any eligible old or used hard drives from Seagate, Maxtor and LaCie to a Seagate Return Centre to securely erase all data on the drives and recertify them for placement back into the market. Unfortunatelly SSDs are not included in the programme. Seagate will reward users with a S$15 e-voucher for their next Seagate drive purchase at Seagate’s official Shopee store.

Segate has partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the International Organisation for Standardisation to achieve unified standards for media sanitisation. They use industry-standard Secure Erase (ISO 27040/NIST SP 800-88R1) that ensures data cannot be recovered.

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