Singtel Unlimited Data Mobile Plans With Unlimited Talktime & SMS

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Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data, talktime and SMS mobile plan Singapore price

Singtel DATA X INFINITY unlimited data, talktime and SMS mobile plan

Singtel finally joined the bandwagon with StarHub and M1 in offering UNLIMITED data mobile plans to their subscribers. The unlimited data will come as an add-on service called DATA X INFINITY that is only offer to Combo 3, 6 and 12 post paid mobile plans. Furthermore, these three mobile plans will now be upgraded with unlimited talktime and SMS too (applicable to recontracting and new sign up only).

At launch, subscribers to the new Combo 6 and 12 plans will enjoy a free data roaming plan each month. They can choose from any of Singtelā€™s extensive range of data roaming options of up to S$35 to stay connected while overseas.

With DATA X INFINITY, you will also have the option to share youor data with up to three family members with a MobileShare supplementary plan, which is available at S$10.70/month per line.

So which is a better plan for you? Because after my initial analysis on the plans and benefits, the Combo 3 seems the most logic choice for all? Is it time to downgrade from Combo 6 and Combo 12?

Here’s a breakdown of the plans and benefits for each plan with DATA X INFINITY:

Combo 3 Combo 6 Combo 12
Subscription Fee $$68.90 S$95.90 S$239.90
Base Data 3GB 6GB 12GB Data
Price with
S$108.80 S$135.80 S$279.90
Lifestyle Benefits One free data roaming plan
every month worth up to S$20
S$500 yearly handset upgrade voucher
Extra Lifestyle Benefits
  • Customers who sign up for a Data Roaming plan of a higher value can enjoy the maximum credit (up to $20 for Combo 6 and up to $35 for Combo 12 in each billing month).
  • Applicable Data Roaming plans are:
    • ReadyRoam 1GB 30 Days 9/16/31 Destinations
    • DataRoam 1GB Monthly Recurring Australia/Malaysia
    • DataRoam 200MB Monthly Recurring Malaysia
    • DataRoam Unlimited Daily
  • Customers who sign up for two or more different Data Roaming plans in the same billing month can also enjoy the maximum rebate.
  • These credits of up to $20/$35 do not apply to excess charges incurred beyond the plans allocated data bundle.
  • Any unused credit value will not be brought forward to the next billing month.
  • Sign up for your Data Roaming plan before you travel via :
    • My Singtel app
    • By dialling *7626 with your mobile line
    • Calling 1688 (S$10 activation fee applies)
    • Sign up overseas by dialing *100# or SMS *7626 to 3333 however, please note that roaming SMS charges will apply.

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