REVIEW: ViewQwest 2Gbps Fiber Broadband

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REVIEW: ViewQwest 2Gbps Fiber Broadband

REVIEW: ViewQwest 2Gbps Fiber Broadband

Hungry for a fast and stable fiber broadband connection in Singapore?  ViewQwest 2Gbps Fiber Broadband may be your best bet now. I have been testing out the ViewQwest 2Gbps for two months and I am extremely happy with their network speed and stability. (Check out on the numbers shown on the Speedtest pic above for Direct LAN connection!!)

I am a heavy internet user as is required in my job. I also stream hours of videos to my iPad, laptop and smartphone on a daily basis. Pretty much anytime of the day, any day of the week. Unlike downloading, streaming requires a constant fast connection in order to view the videos in hi-resolution quality.

I was using my previous Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) fiber broadband for over two years. I would encounter super slow connection during peak hours from 9pm to 1am. At those times of the night, I could only stream videos at low-res 320p instead of 1080p(Full HD).  Sometimes, even 320p videos takes awhile to buffer on YouTube. That is bad and very frustrating.

REVIEW: ViewQwest 2Gbps Fiber Broadband

Instant streaming of my favourite drama series on my TV, iPad & other devices

With ViewQwest 2Gbps, the stream starts almost instantaneously more than 90% of the time at 1080p (depending of the video host). And for Korean drama fans, ViewQwest has the optional Freedom VPN service which is free for first the first three months and S$10.70 monthly susbsequently. This gets you connected to Viki free video streaming service to catch the latest TV series from Korea and in Asia. You could still access Viki without VPN, but the shows will not be the latest and very limited due to restrictions to view the videos in Singapore.

I also love how the VPN is enabled on the backend, so as home users we do not need to connect to the VPN service manually every time you want use or even change your IP settings for DNS on your router. This may be too geeky for most to understand, so in simple terms HASSLE FREE.

NOTE: If you are looking to surf websites that are restricted by Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA), you will most likely be unable to do so with ViewQwest Freedom VPN. I assume MDA would have requested ViewQwest to blacklist these sites too as they are a local ISP. 

ViewQwest TV

ViewQwest TV

With any ViewQwest fiber broadband subscription, it also comes with ViewQwest TV which is an Android based media player that comes pre-loaded with apps for unlimited entertainment for viewers. From blockbusters, award-winning TV series, popular K-dramas, live sports, news, music and more. ViewQwest TV also supports 4K content, so you will be able to view more 4K UHD content on your latest 4K TV, that are not currently supported by local TV content providers.

2Gbps to 1PC and Multi Networks setup

2Gbps to 1PC and Multi Networks setup

You can optimise ViewQwest 2Gbps fiber broadband by using a high end router such as the MikroTik CCR1009-8G-1S-1S+PC to create a 2Gbps LAN connection to your PC, but this is really not necessary for most home users.

Instead, I would recommend to separate to two 1Gbps connections to dedicate to two groups of users in your household, so that you get minimum jamming of your bandwidth when surfing or downloading content on the internet. You can find out more from this link.

It usually takes two weeks from the day you register for the whole setup to complete. OpenNet needs to come in to check on the fiber connection before an appointment can be made for ViewQwest to come in for installation. This is a standard lead time for fiber broadband installation these days.

Even though ViewQwest may not be the cheapest fiber broadband service in town, but by paying a little more, you do get the peace-of-mind for speed and assured bandwidth for all traffic 99% of the time. I am a happier internet addict now, compared to my days of moody nights with super slow connection with my old ISP.


SITEX 2015 Deals

For the upcoming SITEX 2015, in conjunction with ViewQwest’s 14th Anniversary, they are ending the year with the best fiber broadband deals ever: 1Gbps at S$42/month, 2Gbps at S$58/month. Visit their booth to find out more or you can also sign up online via this link


Highlights at SITEX includes:

  • Free BMW ALPINA chauffeur-home service for ViewQwest customers. 14 lucky winners will be drawn daily. Only onsite sign-ups at SITEX are eligible for the draw.
  • 1 x winner(from all SITEX sign-ups) will be drawn at the end of SITEX to win an exclusive BMW ALPINA weekend test drive.


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