7 New X-mini Bluetooth Speakers To Get You Grooving Anywhere Anytime

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X-mini bluetooh wireless speakers singapore price review

X-mini have 7 new Bluetooth speakers to meet your demands for high quality sound with a reasonable price tag

Many of us once owned the X-mini Capsule speaker which were a worldwide hit when portable speakers were still not an “IN” thing yet. The Singaporean brand is back to meet the growing demand for music anywhere anytime, with a new  range of wireless Bluetooth speakers from pocket-size to 360 degrees stereo speakers. X-mini speakers continue to be price competitive ranging from S$39.90 to S$569.90 and of great quality that are “SMALL in package, BIG in sound”. These speakers are built in high quality matt-finish metallic chassis.

The full range of X-mini products can be purchased from www.x-mini.com or any X-mini authorised resellers, Best Denki, Courts, Challenger, Gain City, Harvey Norman and Popular from end June 2017.

X-MINI CLICK 2 (S$39.90)

X-mini Click 2 Singapore price review

Have two X-mini CLICK 2 speaker to get that stereo audio wherever whenever

The X-mini CLICK 2 is a pocket-sized portable speaker that is packed with a 36 mm (4Ω) driver and plays up to six hours of music on Bluetooth playback. The X-mini CLICK 2 is specially designed to create more depth of sound in such a compact size. Pair two X-mini CLICK 2s to power up and enjoy a true wireless stereo audio performance. The CLICK 2 will also double up as a remote to trigger the shutter on your smartphone. HOW CONVENIENT!!!


X-mini XOUNDBAR (S$49.90)

X-mini XOUNDBAR Singapore price review

X-mini XOUNDBAR is so sleek

The harmonica-shaped X-mini XOUNDBAR can easily slide into your pocket for music on-the-go. The speakers in the X-mini XOUNDBAR are customised with flatter drivers so that despite its slim profile, the sound bar is able to deliver a fuller range of sound frequencies so the high and low notes of the music can be enjoyed. Like the CLICK 2, you can pair two X-mini XOUNDBARs and immerse in a true wireless stereo audio experience. Its Bluetooth playback time is up to five hours and weighs only 142 g.


X-mini KAI X Series (S$69.90 to S$129.90)

X-mini KAI series Singapore price review

X-mini CLICK @ with KAI X1, X2 and X3

X-mini’s signature series is engineered to deliver a true wireless stereo experience. Music lovers will be able to enjoy an immersive sound experience with the option of portability. Available in three convenient sizes, the X-mini KAI X Series offers a battery life of up to six hours for the X-mini KAI X1 and eight hours for the X-mini KAI X2 and X-mini KAI X3, which provides you the freedom of using it wherever whenever. This versatile range also allows you to pair with another X-mini KAI X of the same type, creating a true wireless stereo aural experience with clear and crisp sounds.  Save your music in a microSD memory card so you can continue using your mobile device without any music interruptions. The X-mini KAI X1, X-mini KAI X2 and X-mini KAI X3 are available at S$69.90, S$99.90 and S$129.90 respectively.


X-mini SUPA (S$209.90)

X-mini SUPA Singapore price review

The classy X-mini SUPA

Inspired by vintage jukebox systems, the X-mini SUPA is decked out with built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Dual Pressure Air Compression (DPAC) audio technologies with a signature tweeter-in-tweeter technology. This means that the sound experience retains its original sound quality at high volumes with minimal distortions. Music aficionados will love the sleek and powerful device that comes with two pre-set equalisers for vocal and bass. Switching from song to song or changing the volume has never been easier with the unique one-swivel dial control. Its Bluetooth playback time is up to eight hours and weighs 960 g.


X-mini INFINITI (S$569.90)

X-mini IFINITI Singapore price review

A serious speaker that’s so portable – X-mini IFINITI

The X-mini INFINITI is the brand’s step away from its trademark table-top speakers. The biggest product X-mini has created, it moves away from the conventional directional audio system, housing four drivers, one dedicated sub woofer with built-in DSP and DPAC audio technologies. The 60-centimetre tall X-mini INFINITI is a 360 degrees speakers that utilises the surrounding infrastructure, like walls, to create a stereo experience.

The Bluetooth pairing capability allows you to pair two X-mini INFINITI speakers. Its Bluetooth playback time is up to four hours and weighs 4 kg. A tad bit heavy, in my opinion, but you can still carry and place it at any corner of the house when needed.

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