Accor Announces Performance in 2011


19 January 2012, Singapore – Accor ended 2011 with almost 480 hotels and 92,000 guest rooms in 16 Asia Pacific countries. In 2011, the hotel group added 66 hotels in ten countries throughout the region.

An additional 117 hotels with 23,000 rooms were committed during 2011. With the recent acquisition of hotel management company Mirvac Hotels & Resorts on 16 December 2011, Accor has added another 48 hotels representing 6,100 rooms within Australia in key cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth with four located in New Zealand. These hotels will be integrated into the Accor network during 2012.

Accor in Asia Pacific is expected to expand with a similar number of hotels expected to open in 2012 as compared to last year.

Michael Issenberg, Chairman and Chief Operating Officer for Accor Asia Pacific commented on the year ahead “The Accor team throughout the region is destined for a very exciting year as we set about integrating some 100 additional hotels into the Asia Pacific network during 2012”.



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