With AirAsia X, Now Even Penguins Can Fly

21 February 2011, Sepang, Malaysia – Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsiaX recently returned from his adventure in Antartica where he visited the American and New Zealand research bases at McMurdo and Scott Base to experience the climate and geology of the extremes – the unique climate of the coldest, driest and windiest continent.

Azran stayed for two days at the Scott Base facility together with the scientists and field support services teams after taking a five-hour flight from the United States Antartic Program Passenger Terminal in Chirstchurch, New Zealand and landed at the Pegasus Runway, an airstrip on an ice shelf at McMurdo Sound, Antartica.

“We are willing to go to the ends of Earth in search of adventure-that is our X-Factor at AirAsia X,” said Azran Osman-Rani. “This trip captures the essence of our pioneering X-ploratory spirit of pushing boundaries and breaking conventions. There is no place that is too cold or too remote to stop us from championing low fares and exciting travels and adventures. We are optimistic about our first flight into Christchurch, New Zealand in April as Christchurch is not only a beautiful place to travel but close to many adventurous destinations such as the fiords, glaciers and mountains of the South Island where there are many thrilling activities to experience. We are pleased with our encouraging 80% passenger loads since we announced open for sale in December 2010, and believe the demand will indeed increase once we start operations,” he added.

Azran, an outdoor adrenaline-junkie, took the opportunity to hike across the terrain where he climbed several hills including the famed Castle Rock and Observatory Hill.  He also took part in cross-country Nordic skiing across the ice in below freezing temperatures of -10 to -35 degrees Celsius in the Southern Summer.   Azran got to ‘mingle’ with the Emperor penguins and Weddel seals which are native to the Antartic.

AirAsia X begins non-stop flights from Kuala Lumpur to Christchurch, New Zealand on 1 April 2011 with four flights a week.  Christchurch is the tourism gateway to New Zealand’s South Island and beyond for travelers from Kuala Lumpur and provides them with an option to travel on the famous Kangaroo route between Europe, Malaysia and New Zealand/Australia.

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