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RoomAuction Homepage

RoomAuction Homepage

Now you can bid for your own price and negotiate bargains directly with the hotel for your vacationstay at The site benefits travellers and hoteliers as it allows hoteliers to sell off rooms that would otherwise be unoccupied while travellers get to enjoy a good deal.

And it is easy to use with three simple steps:

  1. Choose your hotel using the search engine online
  2. Bid for the best price at the hotel’s listing – Most accepted offers are in the range of 20 to 30% off. You get a better deal with shorter notice. If you include Sunday in your stay, you get a bargain and you increase the chances of your rate acceptance by dining at the hotel
  3. Wait for the hotel to reply and book your stay

The site offers hotels mainly in UK and also seemingly limited countries. Asia Pacific hotels are limited to Vietnam, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Cambodia. is a company of former hoteliers and travel enthusiasts based in Newent, Gloucestershire with offices in Gdańsk, Poland. It has been established since 2003 and has generated booking offers of over £2.5 million. was also recently named as the 4th Best Travel Website by Bid Your Room Bid Your Room also offers a hotel bidding system but does not let you know which hotel you are bidding for except the hotel’s star rating, location area and previous successful bid. Sometimes, the hotel you are booked in could be a Resort, which will meet or exceed the minimum qualifications of the star level you initially requested. The hotel that is selected may or may not be one that you have seen during a hotel search on Priceline as well. We understand that is stronger for hotels in the U.S..


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