Changi Airport To House Kinetic Rain – World’s Largest Kinetic Art Sculpture

Sony NEX F3 - Kinetic Rain - Changi Airport Terminal 1

4 July 2012, Singapore – In a media preview today, Changi Airport presented “Kinetic Rain” –  their latest addition to the refurbished Terminal 1 ahead of its official completion ceremony on 18 July 2012.   With the “Tropical City” theme, the “Kinetic Rain” kinetic art installation replaces the famous Mylar Cords or commonly known as fishing lines hanging from the ceilings with changing lights in the Departure Check-In Hall before the massive refurbishment.

Mylar Cords (Left) vs Kinetic Rain (Right) @ Terminal 1 Changi Airport
Mylar Cords Left vs Kinetic Rain Right

The fluid motion of raindrops moving up and down is supposed to create a fond memory of flight.  These raindrops are secured via industrial strength stainless steel wires is controlled by high precision rotary encoders which keep track of the exact position of the droplet.  Kinetic Rain morphs into 16 different shapes such as an airplane, hot air balloon, kite, birds flying or a dragon in a 15 minute segment.



Two sets of the installation made up of 1,216 raindrops in total move in unison, each tuned up to an individual motor which controls the graceful, fluid movement of the droplets.   Each sculpture measures 9.8 metres by 4 metres while each droplet weighs 180 grammes.  The droplets are made of lightweight aluminum with a hollow centre.    JUSSI ÄNGESLEVÄ is the creative director of this amazing installation that will bound to provide the millions of passengers who pass through the terminal annually a therapeutic photo opportunity and enjoyment.

Sony NEX F3 - Kinetic Rain - Changi Airport Terminal 1

Sony NEX F3 - Kinetic Rain - Changi Airport Terminal 1

Sony NEX F3 - Kinetic Rain - Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Miniature mode

Sony NEX F3 - Kinetic Rain - Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Miniature mode
Taken with the miniature mode on the SONY NEX F3



Costing  around S$500 million, Changi Airport Terminal 1’s entire refurbishment project includes the terminal’s interior design and finishes, improving passenger flow at key area and upgrading of the exterior façade, Departure Kerbside, Departure Check-in Hall, Departure Transit Lounge and Arrival Hall. Changi Airport Group did not reveal the actual cost of this installation.


JUSSI ÄNGESLEVÄ has been involved in academia, the design industy as well as individual experimental work, focusing on embodied interfaces, experiences and services.  He has been recognised for his works winning over 25 awards including the recent iF communication design award in 2011, red dot design award 2010 and Gold Cannes Lions, Cannes, France 2009 to name a few.

JUSSI ÄNGESLEVÄ is not new to Singapore.  In November 2007, his work was exhibited at the Digital Art & Technology at Singapore Science Centre.   His exhibitions has also traveled to many cities including Czech Republic, Berlin, Venice, London, Madrid, Stockholm, Melbourne, Taiwan, Los Angeles, Helsinki, Montreal, Maryland, Gifu Japan and Hannover.

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