A Finnair Santa Secret

The Official Airline of Santa Claus – Finnair


Finnair Christmas 2014
Finnair Christmas 2014

Finnair launches a new video about Santa Claus’s secret on 28 November 2014. The Youtube video shares one of Christmas’s biggest mysteries. The Finnish airline happen to share something with Santa.

Santa Claus’s home is at Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland Finland. Lapland is home to many ski resorts. Here you can also enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness. So if you can’t wait for Santa Claus to visit you during Christmas, you can always visit him anytime of the year.

A Finnair Santa Secret

The video has an almost similar treatment to Home Alone which featured Macaulay Culkin. Check out the video for yourself and be inspired by one of Christmas’s traditions.

Looks like Santa Claus has moved on with the times depending more on his official airline to deliver happiness around the world instead of the help of his team of furry reindeer friends. Remember Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?


Who remembers WestJet Miracle Christmas campaign last year? You can check that out here.

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