Leslie Thng Named New SilkAir Chief Executive


6 August 2012, Singapore – 37 year old Leslie Thng will take over from 41 year old Marvin Tan as SilkAir’s Chief Executive 3 September 2012.

SilkAir Chief Executive Apoointment - (L) Leslie Thng, (R) Marvin Tan
L Leslie Thng R Marvin Tan

Mr Thng joined SilkAir as Board Director on 1 April this year and is also SIA’s Vice President Network Planning. He has spent over 13 years in SIA in various positions in head office and overseas. He was based in Frankfurt as the General Manager in Singapore since June 2009. Before that, he was based in Italy for one and a half years and spent three years in China before that. He has worked in the Company’s Loyalty Marketing and Network Revenue Management departments.

Mr Tan has been Chief Executive at SilkAir since October 2010 and will return to SIA as Ag Senior Vice President Cabin Crew.

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