Bye Bye GONG CHA. Hello LiHO! – Serving Up Savoury Cheese Teas That’s Uniquely Singapore

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LIHO bubble tea singapore review gong cha

LIHO bubble tea stores will replace all GONG CHA stores in Singapore

From today, 29 May 2017, all Gong Cha bubble tea stores across Singapore will one-by-one be replaced by Singapore’s homegrown bubble tea brand, LiHO. By the end of June 2017, there will be a total of 86 LiHO bubble tea stores across Singapore.

Not just a name change, there will also be a brand new menu where LiHO’s new Cheese Teas & Smoothies will be the iconic drink for the brand. We managed to give the new menu a try when LiHO Bugis+ opened last week, and the Instagrammable Cheese Teas & Smoothies are definitely worth the hype.

Besides LiHO, RTG Holdings manages other brands such as NeNe Chicken, Paik’s Bibim, Paik’s Coffee, Bornga, Tino’s Pizza and Woo Ricebox. The group will not be continuing its franchise of Gong Cha in Singapore, and will instead focus on finding its forte in the local bubble tea scene with LiHO.


LIHO Cheese Yam Smoothie with custard pudding

LiHO Cheese Yam Smoothie (S$6.90) with optional Custard Pudding (+S$0.70) – It’s a HUGE serving!!!


If you are going to try out any of the Cheese Smoothies, do note that they only serve those in LARGE cups. So you might wanna share it with your besties, if not, just make it your LIQUID DIET!  The drinks will all be served with a latte lid, instead of the regular plastic seal you find on bubble tea takeaways. The reason is because there’s a unique way to indulge on the Cheese Smoothies using the latte lids.


LIHO bubble tea singapore review gong cha

Check out that cheese topping


First savour the foamy cheese topping, followed by sipping only the smoothie with the straw. Finally, enjoy your concoction after mixing them well for that sweet & salty goodness all in one go. See video below to find out the THREE STEPS To Savour The Cheese Tea & Smoothie:

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Here’s a look at the new LiHO menu:

LIHO bubble tea singapore review gong cha

LIHO bubble tea menu (Click to enlarge)

LIHO bubble tea singapore review gong cha

LIHO bubble tea







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