lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore

lyf Co-Living Apartments – Five Things You Need To Know

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singaporelyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Millennials can look forward to the opening of lyf serviced apartments globally

On 24 November 2016, The Ascott Limited which houses serviced apartment brands Ascott, Citadines and Somerset, unveiled its newest brand, lyf (pronounced as ‘life’) – a soon to be available international co-living apartment chain. Designed for and managed by millennials, lyf is tailored for technopreneurs, start-ups and individuals from music, fashion, media and other creative industries. Ascott does not define millennials by age. They are defined as a social generation who crave discoveries and desire to be part of a community. Today, millennials form 25% of Ascott’s customers.

Held at the Ascott Centre for Excellence at Anthony Road in Singapore, the launch event showcased mockups of rooms as well as lyf’s amenities and facilities. Ascott is on a lookout for sites in key gateway cities including Australia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom, aiming to have 10,000 apartment units by 2020.

Overseas vacations or local staycations have become a routine for many when they crave a break from work or just need a reason to get out-of-office to have a fresh mind to generate new ideas. lyf’s concept of living and collaborating as a creative network community connects guests with fellow travellers to share ideas and experiences during their stay. This is the ideal travel accommodation if travel seeking the next excitement in life.

Here’s how lyf is designed to achieve these goals:




1. Networking Is Top Priority

To facilitate spontaneous interaction amongst guests at lyf, all the properties will have ‘Connect’ communal spaces, that can be turned into zones for workshops or social gatherings to exchange ideas and innovate. Waiting for your laundry to be done can now be fun at ‘Wash & Hang’ laundromat where you can play a round of Foosball with fellow “laundry mates” to kill some time.

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Mock-ups of communal areas at the lyf launch event in Singapore

The ‘Bond’ communal kitchen is where you prepare your own home cooked meals, sign up for cooking classes and even pick up culinary tips and exotic recipes from other guests.

The more opportunities to interact with other guests in these facilities allow you to make more friends, and generate new ideas and even business partners by the time your trip ends.


2. Make Your Own “Home”

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Make yourself at “home” by customising your room

From staying alone in a studio to the ‘All Together’ business suites, lyf’s serviced apartments will always be ready to transform into your home-away-from-home or even office-away-from-office. The rooms feature rails suspended from the ceiling allowing flexibility to shift or stow any of the hanging furniture like shelves and wardrobe to layout the room the way you like it. Working or dining benches can also be dismantled to create more space when needed.

For a company or team retreat, the business suites will have a smart display screen for video conferencing or presentations, as well as a collaborative work zone with a large table for group discussions.


3. lyfguards To Save The Day

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Would you be my lyfguard?

Not sure where to get something? Encountering some issues during your vacation? The properties’ lyfguards will be your go-to for help. Apart from the regular service staff, these millennials who may be residents themselves, help manage the property by doubling up as community managers, city & food guides, bar keepers and problem solvers rolled into one.


4. Never Get Bored

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Ascott’s CEO, Mr Lee Chee Koon, leading the crowd at a gig by local band, 53A

At lyf, everyone from guests to lyfguards can conduct workshops with local craftsman, hackathons with local start-up accelerators or innovation talks, in the property. You might even get exclusive invites to local music festivals and concerts.


5. Live Your Freedom

lyf Co-Living Serviced Apartments Singapore
Make it rain rubber duckies. Don’t restrict your creativity. Let it go…

Many millennials these days are well travelled trendsetters in their community. The concept of lyf’s co-living apartments is to create a dynamic environment and network where like-minded creative individuals can meet and spark more ideas to life.


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