REVIEW: Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa

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Snorkel in the Rainbow Reefs at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Snorkel in the Rainbow Reefs at Adventure Cove Waterpark


27 November 2012, Singapore – The WET experience for the newly opened Marine Life Park at Resorts World Sentosa will be happening at the Adventure Cove Waterpark.  At the Adventure Cove Waterpark, it is all wet and wild and it pretty much brings you back to to the days where there was Fantasy Island on Sentosa but with more than just tubes, sliders and fancy pools.

Adventure Cove Waterpark brings you closer to the marine life, where you can snorkel with 20,000 fishes in the Rainbow Reefs, feeding the sting rays in the Ray Bay (additional charges are required to feed the sting rays)  and the highly controversial interaction programmes with the dolphins (yet to be open). Great chance for everyone to learn a bit more about the marine life while overcoming some phobia with fishes and great snorkeling experience for beginners under a safe environment.


Video footage from snorkeling in Rainbow Reefs and feeding the sting rays in Ray Bay:



Rest and relax in the 620 metre Adventure River for a lazy river expedition of the waterpark’s multiple themed vistas on a floating tube. Sun tan at Bluwater Bay‘s cabanas and deck chairs or plunge into the giant wave pool to float on the surging 2.2 metre waves. There is something fun to do for everyone.

Floating though the Adventure River

Floating though the Adventure River


For NON-SWIMMERS, the waterpark is stationed with lifeguards in every corner of the park to ensure the safety of the visitors and life jackets with sizes for kids and adults are readily available from the life jacket stations in the park.


Life Jackets for everyone

Life Jackets for everyone


Tubes & Sliders at Adventure Cove Waterpark

Tubes & Sliders at Adventure Cove Waterpark


There are a total of seven tubes and sliders for you to choose from. You should not miss the Riptide Rocket, which is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster packed with a conveyor belt to sent you up to the peak, followed by up & down hill climbs to pump up your adrenaline rush over the 225 metres ride.

Here are the other tubes and sliders in order of my personal preference:

  1. Riptide Rocket – Best for thrill seekers. *MUST TRY
  2. Tidal Twister – The fastest tube in the waterpark, so hold on tight.
  3. Dueling Racer – Race against your friends is always fun.
  4. Pipeline Plunge – Mild easy tube for beginners.
  5. Whirlpool Washout – Interesting ride that goes round and round without much thrill.
  6. Spiral Washout – May be the shortest ride in the waterpark.
  7. Big Bucket Tree House – Best for kids and the slides not really suitable for adults only.
The overall experience at the Adventure Cove Waterpark was fun and relaxing, and feeding the sting rays were amazing. But the sting ray feeding is limited to 3 sessions a day with only six people per session with additional charges, so check with Guest Services once you are in the park to book your spot. Daily admission fee at S$29 is reasonable and Annual Pass at S$88 is worth the money, but the daily locker rental charge is rather expensive at S$10 and S$20 for small & big respectively. So bring only the essential items when visiting Adventure Cove Waterpark, so you can co-share with your family or friends a locker that can reopened and locked for unlimited times throughout the day at the park.



  1. Joey Siek Jia Yi says:

    What’s the swimwear requirement for adults

  2. Joey Siek Jia Yi says:

    Are all attractions open or some are still building

    • Hi Joey,

      sorry for the delayed reply. All attractions are up and ready. Only the dolphin immersive program and shark feeding are not open to public yet.

      as for swim wear requirement, see our reply to Diyanah below.

  3. Can i wear tanktop with shorts?

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  5. Which day of the week did you go? Was it crowded?
    How long was per wait?

    • Hi Tristen, I visited on the soft opening day, so it’s not packed and almost zero waiting time. Now i am not sure if you have to queue for the rides.

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  7. Are FBTs allowed?

  8. Are all the rides open? I heard that some are still closed.

  9. Do you know what’s the swimwear requirement in the waterpark? 🙂

  10. Daddyisthebest says:

    How crowded was it, considering it had just opened for a few days? (It would seem you visited on a weekday)

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