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SCOOT – An Airline With A Different Attitude To Launch Mid 2012

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1 November 2011, Singapore – Singapore can expect yet another low cost carrier in mid 2012 to completely new non-stop routes.  A wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, Scoot will operate an initial fleet of four Boeing 777 aircraft, purchased from Singapore Airlines, providing medium and long haul no frills flights.

In its first year of operation, the airline will fly to Australasia, China and others of which some of the routes will be completely new while others are new to no-frills airline operations.   It is currently in negotiations with airports and tourism bodies and the specific cities will be progressively announced over the coming months.

The fleet will expand its routes and induct longer-range aircraft to fly to India, Europe and other markets such as Africa and the Middle East at a later stage.

40 year old Campbell Wilson, the airline’s Chief Executive Officer and Board member explained at the press conference today that the airline will be for the young, the young at heart and the value seeking.  These customers will be looking for value, fun and engagement.    That’s one of the reasons why the airline is not named like any everyday airline, because Scoot is not expected to be your every day airline.   Scoot will have a unique attitude – Scootitude.

Fares will be 40% lower than the typical legacy airline with a premium cabin at fares similar to legacy airline Economy offering more width and legroom can be expected.

Scoot will operate from Changi Airport Terminal 2, offering two cabins.  Passengers can customize their travel to suit their personal requirements, choosing only those that they want and not subsidizing the choice of others.  Meals, preferred seats and baggage and many other items will be made available for passengers’ selection.   The airline is currently evaluating specific seats, cabin features and other offerings.    Seat configuration in the Boeing 777 is expected to be 3-4-3.

The airline will operate independently from Singapore Airlines at a separate office.  The airline expects to have a fleet of 14 planes by the end of 2016, with an incremental growth of 2 new planes per year for the next 3 to 4 years.  It will also be hiring 26 sets of pilots in the first year and cabin crew hiring will start in January and February 2012.    These pilots and cabin crew will not be from Singapore Airlines.

Currently the key members of the team constructing Scoot include:


  • Head of Flight Operations – Captain HC Rohan who has been flying for SIA for 23 years
  • Head of Cabin Services – JuLi Ng – 14 years LCC
  • Head of Ground Services – Rama Ramalingam – 7 years LCC
  • Head of Commercial – Steven Greenway, 9 years commercial experience in LCC
  • Head of Engineering – Joseph Tay 36 years Engineering
  • Head of Safety and Security – Captain Ian Hawkes 15 years flying for SIA, 30 years resident in Singapore
  • Head of Finance – Phua Boon Huei 9 years Finance
  • Head of HR – Theresa 12 years in Human Resource

The airlines is working with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore for its Air Operator’s Certificate and is proceeding on track for award around the end of first quarter 2012.  Engineering retrofit and aircraft certification is scheduled for April-June.

Scoot has also hired Sparkfury and its sister interactive agency Tangoshark as their Agencies on Record.   They were selected through a pitch involving big and small agencies.  The eight-year old Singapore firm was selected for their proposal which was an upbeat, fun, leisure-oriented and slightly quirky approach of the Airline.

Scoot Logo

The logo conveys warmth, energy and informality while the tilted ‘t’ of the name Scoot hints that this Airline is not cut from the same conformist mould of others.  The tagline has not be chosen yet.  The public will be involved in the selection in the months to come.

As for the aircraft livery, the waves and colour gives a sense of motion, happiness, lightheartedness and youth, reflecting a casual, leisure-oriented vibe that should enhance the mood of travellers.

You will be able to book your flights from the early part of 2012.

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  2. Great Scoot! a new way to travel! 🙂 

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