Singapore Airlines B747-400

Singapore Airlines Launches SwiftBroadband-Based Connectivity

Singapore Airlines A380

24 September 2012, London & Long Beach – Last week global mobile satellite communications service provider, Inmarsat announced that Singapore Airlines will provide Wi-Fi and GSM passenger connectivity on its long haul fleets using OnAir’s connectivity services operating over Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband.

In-flight connectivity is available currently on 14 Singapore Airlines aircraft – all five Airbus A340-500s flying between Singapore and both Newark and Los Angeles, Airbus A380-800s and will be available on the airline’s Boeing B777-300ERs.

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband provides high data rate IP-based satellite communications coverage and already delivers multiple channels of IP communications to aircraft.

David Coiley, Inmarsat Vice President, Aviation, said, “Inmarsat welcomes Singapore Airlines as a SwiftBroadband customer. Singapore Airlines is one of the most prominent architects of the modern in-flight experience. The fact that this industry leader selected SwiftBroadband is a great testament to what can be achieved, now, with this much-trusted platform. Among the key strengths of SwiftBroadband are the consistency and reliability of the service, and its ubiquity, enabling passengers on SwiftBroadband-enabled aircraft to get connected wherever they are in the world. It sounds obvious to say, but airlines want to provide the same level of service wherever they are flying. Secondly, SwiftBroadband provides the optimum balance between quality of the passenger experience, and the best investment case for the airline.”


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