Valentines' Day Gift Ideas from Mont Blanc…. And this time it's not a pen or leather goods!

This Valentine’s Day, visit the Montblanc boutique. You can pick out Montblanc’s gift ideas to help you convey your message of love and appreciation to that special someone or you could just get one for me! Each meticulously selected gift idea reflects the time-honoured traditions of Montblanc, exuding sophistication and exclusivity that revives the love and passion shared between friends and loved ones. Do not stinge with your budget as you need at least $2970!!
Gift Ideas For Her
Making its inaugural presentation, the Montblanc Star Grande Dame is the latest addition to the Montblanc Ladies Silver Jewellery collection. This sophisticated sterling silver jewellery collection is uniquely embellished with unique star-shaped cabochon-cut natural stones, which have been conceived as a tribute to the awe-inspiring glacier-covered summit of the Europe’s highest mountain – the Mont Blanc massif.
– Sautoir in 925 Sterling Silver with quartz crystal, rose quartz and blue chalcedony (RSP: S$2,970)
Gift Ideas For Him
I personally like this piece. For the contemporary gentlemen of today, Montblanc presents the exquisite fine jewellery necklace with pendant that connotes an elegant fashion statement, captured under the twinkle of the Montblanc star.
– Necklace with skelleted star & diamonds pave (RSP: S$3,530)

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