Surviving Inappropriate Behaviour on the MRT

February 2011, Singapore: We have all experienced inappropriate behaviour on the MRT and it can be really frustrating. I sometimes wonder what happened to civic mindedness in our society. Recently, Burger King launched a series of tongue-in-cheek “Never Chicken Out” viral videos on Youtube on how to deal with these inconsiderate commuters.

These videos spread the message of empowerment, taking a more educational format. There are 5 versions of the instructional videos. The campaign plays on the tagline “With the King, You’ll Never Chicken Out” which communicates Burger King Singapore’s brand attitude of “With The King, You Can!”. It embodies the ethos of the modern generation: empowerment, possibilities, exploration and new experiences. 8 chicken varieties have been introduced at Burger King to give consumers the empowerment in the form of dining options and enjoying new experiences.

“Almost anyone who has taken the MRT would identify with any one of the five videos that we have created because they depict typical situations that commuters face on the train. And we believe that, secretly, CHICKEN gives every viewer a vicarious thrill and satisfaction (and probably a few chuckles!) when CHICKEN becomes empowered in all the videos and reacted in a comical and somewhat exaggerated way”, elaborates Mr. Philip Ho, Head of Marketing of Burger King Singapore Pte. Ltd.

He continues: “Ultimately, these videos advocate personal empowerment in a humorous execution based on real‐life events, thereby making these spoof ‘instructional’ videos irreverent yet relevant at the same time. We are confident that Singaporeans would relate to and appreciate these videos instantly!”

You can also share your moments of courage where you stood up to right a wrong and not chicken out and win a Microsoft XBOX 360 with Kinect Bundle and Burger King vouchers, worth a total of more than S$500.  Upload your photo, video or text to Burger King Singapore’s Facebook Fan Page by 14 February 2011, 3pm.

From now till 16th Feb, enjoy free 2pc black pepper basil drumlets with any large chicken meal* purchase.
*Each large chicken meal comes with large fries and drink.


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  3. These are some quite refreshing Singaporean ads! Wonder which agency did them. Love the seat-hoarding auntie vid most. Oi! 我的菜!

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