Out of Home Advertising – Does it Capture your Attention?

Out of Home Advertising - F&B table advertising August 2010, Singapore – Have you been dining out recently dining and seeing these tabletop advertising?  Kaplan has used these tables at Gelare Cafe to promote their latest campaign “How to develop your talent with the right degree?“.

In Singapore, we spend most of our time outside our homes.  As it is, most of us spend at least 50 hours weekly at work and during the weekends, we’re also out with our family and friends.

More and more people are sharing photos of their food in blogs or through other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Table top advertising has become more relevant these days as it speaks out and interacts with diners.

Out of home advertising has been on the increase.  From electronic LED screens to PosterWalkers, outdoor roadshows and even Focus Media Screens, do these mediums reach out to you effectively as a consumer?

I read in The Economist’s “The World in 2011 – 25 Year Special Edition” that global advertising spend will double the rate of 2010, growing by 4.5% according to media agency ZenithOptimedia.   However, the growth in Outdoor advertising globally is expected to remain at the same percentage of advertising spend by medium as in 2007.  So where will advertisers be spending?   The highest growth by medium is expected from the Internet medium.

But let’s also not forget that being online is as important to supplement these out of home advertising campaigns and that you host your website with reliable web hosting companies. You want to also check out Hosting Foundry for such options.

Perhaps, I am in the trade and I tend to notice these advertisements and the relevant ads to get their message across to me.   I have always been curious what the consumer really thinks.

Check out another table top advertising campaign by Standard Chartered Bank.

Editor’s note:  This article has been edited on 10 January 2011 due to copyright reasons.  Apologies to Alternate Media Pte Ltd.

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