Tiger Beer celebrates the essence of 聚 this Lunar New Year

January 2011, Singapore – Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore announced that they have launched their  multi-million dollar Tiger campaign 聚 “Ju” and a series of programmes aimed at engaging consumer through special moments spent together with friends and loved ones around food, beer and entertainment.

The Campaign

“Research in Singapore shows that 聚 is a modern interpretation of gathering that appeals strongly to young and trendy Singaporeans. We have learnt that a gathering or reunion today means more than just with family, but an opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones – Tiger Beer has therefore sought to bring the essence of ‘Togetherness’ alive via this 聚 campaign through the creation of numerous platforms to engage Singaporeans in a fresh and exciting way”, said Ms Wong Mei Wai, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS).

聚 appears in calligraphy as a key campaign visual in glorious gold.  The 聚 campaign offers opportunities for consumers to experience this “Togetherness” concept all around Singapore as well as occasions for Tiger Beer fans to celebrate the festivities with the less-privileged via Tiger Beer’s charitable-giving programmes.

Tiger 360-campaign

In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Tiger Beer will be launching an aggressive 360-marketing push that will see significant advertising spend for above the line, below the line and out of home advertising including radio, television, print and online among others. Tiger Beer has also created a 30-second 聚 commercial titled “Multiply”. The commercial shows how two friends “meet” more friends in a “magical” way when drinking and clinking their Tiger Beers together over dinner, with the evening culminating in a grand reunion of friends – hence communicating Tiger Beer’s key message of togetherness this Lunar New Year.

Tiger Lunar Extravaganza

Tiger Beer Foodshow Highlights

As the Chinese in Singapore prepare for the Lunar New Year festivities to welcome the year of the Rabbit, Tiger Beer is organising a night of great food and beer at Singapore’s largest dinner gathering.

The Tiger Lunar Extravaganza 2010 debuts at the Marina Promontory on 11 February 2011 at the Marina Promontory.   Hosted by Sebastian Tan and Denise Keller, the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza has lined up a high-energy programme which includes acts like Asian Pop Singer Shi Xin Hui, Singapore’s powerhouse Wendi Koh and fire twirlers Fireflys.   You can expect a 15-course Chinese Buffet line from the renown Peach Garden Restaurant and enjoy free flow of beer that night.  There are 6 or 10-seater tables so that you can gather your friends and celebrate togetherness with Tiger Beer.  Tickets for the extravaganza are already on sale at S$88 per ticket at SISTIC.

Vote for favourite Chinese New Year Dish that pairs best with Tiger Beer

Tiger Beer Foodshow Vote
Tiger Beer launches its nationwide search for Singapore’s favourite Chinese New Year dish. In this digital campaign, consumers are encouraged to vote for their favourite Chinese New Year dish – from a list of five dishes specially selected by food guru, Violet Oon – that go best with Tiger Beer.

  • Happiness Crispy Prawn Delight Prawns symbolise joy and laughter. This dish is a must-have at every reunion table as it represents happiness all-year long.
  • Braised Fortune Abalone with Broccoli The dish that is synonymous with wealth and all things auspicious – braised abalone with black moss is a highly desired dish simply because of its luxe factor.
  • Prosperity Salmon Yu-Sheng Yu sheng is a perennial favourite and undoubtedly the cause of much ruckus during the festivities as people articulate well-wishes and hopes for the new year at the top of their voices. Yu sheng is served traditionally on the seventh day of Chinese New Year or Ren Ri (“Every person’s Birthday”)
  • Golden Roasted Pig The crunchy, red skin of the roasted suckling pig symbolises strength and good health for those who eat it. It is also believed to represent prosperity and abundance.
  • Oriental Catch of Abundance People believe that eating fish will help your wishes come true. When serving fish, it is important that it remains whole to symbolise “togetherness”.

Voting can be done in two easy steps:

Step 1: Log on to www.tigercny.com.sg

Step 2: Vote for your favourite Chinese New Year dish that goes best with Tiger Beer! After voting, consumers will also stand a chance to win tickets to Tiger’s Lunar Extravaganza.

Roving Gold Bars and islandwide road-shows

Bringing more than a touch of wealth this Lunar New Year, consumers stand a chance to win a limited-edition 1kg solid-gold bar as well as 88 other 100g gold bars worth over a total of $100,000. Look forward to lots of drama as an entourage of security officers escort the 1kg gold bar while it makes its journey around 13 locations within the heartlands of Singapore. Singaporeans will get a chance to “celebrate the best” at these islandwide road-shows, as they soak in the festivities together with their friends while enjoying the entertainment provided by local up-and-coming Chinese bands and artists such as the Funkie Monkies.  There is already 1 lucky winner who has walked away with the 1kg gold bar.

Lee Hon Meng, first winner of Tiger Beer's gold giveaway
58 year-old Lee Hon Meng, 1st winner of Tiger Beer's gold giveaway, walked away with a 10gm gold wafer

Limited Edition Tiger Beer Ju Ornament
Limited Edition Tiger Beer Ju Ornament


Tiger Risis Rabbits
Risis Rabbits

Tiger celebrates Togetherness this Chinese New year with its newly launched Golden Trio of collectibles specially designed by Risis. This set of three unique gold rabbit figurines symbolizes Luck, Wealth and Prosperity

Tiger Fortune Cookies Charity Campaign

As part of the Tiger Fortune Cookies charity campaign, packs of ten special fortune cookies sold in a limited edition “takeaway box” will be sold in Chinatown at Kreta Ayer Square and Banda Street third field, from 9 January to 10 February 2011 and at the Singapore Flyer from 3 to 10 February 2011.   Each pack will be sold at S$10 and all proceeds will be donated to the Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Meal and Grocery Programme.  Single cookie purchases at S$1 are also available.  Each fortune cookie contains a note of well-wishing and a possible chance of winning a pair of tickets to the Tiger Lunar Extravaganza.   The employees of APBS will also be doing their part by volunteering their time to sell these Tiger Fortune Cookies.

The Meal & Grocery Programme supplements CDC Public Assistance in ensuring that the elderly and needy are able to eat more regular, wholesome and nutritious meals. Residents on CDC Public Assistance will automatically receive Meal & Grocery assistance each month, which are redeemable at participating neighbourhood hawkers in Chinatown Complex, Peoples Park, Jalan Kukoh, Beo Crescent, Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centres and Chinatown Food Street and at Sheng Siong supermarkets.

Profiles of some of the residents of Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre

Mdm Ho Yee Mooi

At 92 years old, Mdm Ho could possibly be the last Samsui in Singapore. Although Mdm Ho is slightly deaf in one ear, she is still strong and feisty, and is able to move around on her own without any aid.

Upon her arrival in Singapore, at age 19, to escape from the Japanese occupation, Mdm Ho worked in an incense factory earning 40 cents a day before she became a Samsui woman, where she had to carry bricks and mud for up to 10 hours a day. Her relatives returned to their homeland in Shangshui, Guangdong but Mdm Ho chose to stay in her new homeland, alone.

Without relatives, Mdm Ho is now living in a one-room rental flat in Kreta Ayer. She pays for her rent and daily expenses using her savings from the days of being a Samsui. Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre provides groceries subsidies to elderly residents like Mdm Ho to help them in their daily expenses. Mdm Ho shares that she does not need much and all she wants is to lead a simple life.

This Chinese New Year, Mdm Ho is helping to pack Fortune Cookies for Asia Pacific Breweries Kreta Ayer Fortune Cookies Fundraiser activity. Mdm Ho said packing the fortune cookies keeps her occupied. She enjoys being in the company of fellow residents of Kreta Ayer who lives alone like her.

Profile of Mdm Wan Lau Fong

At the age of 20, Mdm Wan travelled to Singapore in a cargo junk boat, with her younger male cousin. From Shanwei in Canton, both of them travelled through rough seas and finally setting foot on the shores of Singapore after eight days. Very quickly, Mdm Wan took on the job of an Ah Mah in order to pay her agent fee of $50, which is worth almost half a year’s wages in those days.

Working for a wealthy business trader, Mdm Wan earned $30-40 per month taking care of the household. Later, Mdm Wan left her job as Ah Mah and landed a job as an office cleaner, where she worked until she retired at 73 years old, due to arthritis in her leg. Like Mdm Ho, Mdm Wan stays alone using her savings to get her through her golden years.

Mdm Wan said she prefers to spend her time at the activity centre where there are people to chat with and she gets to watch her favourite Cantonese movies. Mdm Wan attributes her good health and positive well-being to Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre for keeping her active with morning exercises and other physical activities.

Mdm Woo Keng Sim

Mdm Woo led a life of hardship from a young age. Her father died in one of China’s many famines, her elder brother was forced into fighting for the Japanese army and never returned. Her younger brother was died of sickness as the Woo family was too poor to engage a physician for him.

At that time, Mdm Woo’s mother travelled to Malaya and was working as a cook at a rubber plantation near Ipoh. Her mother paid an agent to bring Mdm Woo to Southeast Asia so that she too, could have a second chance in life.

Travelling alone without a chaperone is dangerous for a young lady. Mdm Woo said it was not a choice: either she leaves or die of starvation in China. Mdm Woo remembered there was a period in time whereby she lived on grass, tree barks, roots and if she was lucky, sweet potatoes.

Her journey to Malaya was her ticket to a better life. Mdm Woo tried working in a rubber plantation but the pungent smell of rubber mades her nauseous. When she learnt of new opportunities in Singapore, Mdm Woo journeyed southwards and found a job as an Ah Mah, where she retired at 70 years old. Her boss owns a rubber factory and she worked in his family over three generations. The current family members of the third generation are already in their thirties.

When asked why she left the family that she has spent her life working for, Mdm Woo said she felt embarrassed that she can no longer contribute to the household due to her old age. She also explained that she had difficulties communicating with the family’s Filipino maid due to language barrier.

Mdm Woo said that she does not feel sad as her foster family still visits her regularly at Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre. The family also brought her to China to seek medical treatment for her arthritis. Mdm Woo also said her friends at Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre keep her jovial.


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