Grab to Offer Free Personal Insurance for GrabCar and GrabBike Drivers & Passengers

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GrabCar and GrabBike passengers and drivers across the region in 28 cities within six countries will enjoy free group Personal Accident Insurance coverage.

Passengers and drivers can enjoy greater peace of mind when take rides with Grab as they are covered against personal accidents, as some commercial insurance purchased individually by the drivers covers only third-party. There are no deductibles and this additional insurance coverage is borne by Grab with no charge to users.

This additional layer of free insurance on top of commercial auto insurance offers coverage in the event of accidental death, permanent dismemberment and bodily injuries in the event of accidents for drivers and passengers. It is the largest coverage with the total personal accident benefits for the driver or passenger being up to US$250,000 per vehicle, or up to an aggregate limit of US$2.5 million per accident in Singapore.

Grab has rolled out safety initiatives for its drivers such as defensive riding courses for GrabBike in the Philippines and Indonesia which will also be rolled out in Thailand. In Singapore, Grab works with Singapore Traffic Police to promote safety awareness. It plans to improve driver safety education. In Malaysia, Grab will install CCTV cameras in the cars of 100 women drivers to ensure on-the-job safety.

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