Red Light Therapy with LMS Spotlights

March 2011, Singapore – Looking for a solution to help you clear spots and acne?  Harvard Medical Devices Ltd, a British company that makes electrical healthcare products launched LMS Spotlights in Singapore utilising red light therapy, a natural skin treatment, to help clear these spots and acne.  This new product is designed to specifications and standards set by James Carroll, one of the world’s experts in red light therapy, and a supplier of red light therapy products to therapists to British Olympic teams, British Armed Forces and hospitals around the world.

Red light therapy uses totally natural light to help clear spots and mild to moderate acne.  Using LEDs originally developed for NASA, red light therapy is safe and a natural skin treatment that has been clinically proven and medically tested to treat mild to moderate acne.  When skin cells are stressed, nitric oxide builds up.  Nitric oxide is naturally present in cells, but when levels increase, it can inhibit the skin’s natural ability to heal itself.   The red light used penetrates the skin cells to force out nitric oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants to speed up skin cell repair, helping to clear spots and mild to moderate acne, reducing redness and inflammation.

LMS Spotlights are easy to use and has no side effects.  However, the products should not be used during pregnancy or for people with photosensitve epilepsy.   On average, people can expect spots and acne to heal twice as fast as their skin’s natural healing time.

There are three sizes available depending on your skin coverage needs.   For as little as one minute, three times a day, this daily skin care routine will not take much of your busy schedule.

LMS Spotlight 3

Ideal for use on a single spot. Just pop it in your clutch or pocket so you have it to hand to act fast at the first sign of a spot. It should be used for three minutes, three times a day. Price: S$79

LMS Spotlight 8

Ideal for use on a few spots. As well as using it at home, it fits easily in your handbag, so you can keep your skin care routine going throughout the day. Use for one minute, three times a day. Price: S$129

LMS Spotlight 24

Ideal for use on a larger skin area. It is stylishly designed to look like a compact. Perfect for using at home, it sits neatly on your dressing table and fits easily into your daily skin care routine. Use for one minute, three times a day. Price: S$199

These products are available exclusively at Guardian Health and Beauty.


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