Funny Videos Mondays: Things Does Not Go As Planned

Funny Videos Mondays: Things Do Not Go As Planned

Sometimes in life, we expect things to turn out as planned. But facts of life… SH*T HAPPENS! Not every time things will go your way. Well you can either laugh about it, or find a quick fix to your problem.

Here are some funny videos to brighten up your week:


Ring My Bell

When you think are in trouble, you try to find a good spot to hide or to feel safe. But when you least expected, you might meet a bigger and more hurtful issue at that “safe zone”.


Spice Girls

Next time when you need a shoulder to cry on, you need to consider what the other party is doing at that point in time.



Always Ready!!!

It is also good to be ready for any situation. Plus a good caption bring this GIF from High Fashion to UBER HILARIOUS.


Origins of Selfies

As the saying goes, “We learn from our mistakes”. Well, here you might had just witness the origins of the widely pop culture called SELFIES.

The origins of SELFIE

Posted by Dennis Seow on Monday, 15 February 2016


First World Problems

A lot of inventions we used to day, started out as stupid ideas. You may not know, these may become our daily necessities in the near future.

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