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Hossan Leong You Crack Me Up #IDoWSg

Celebrity Pole-Off Grand Finale: Hossan Leong
Hossan Leong doing a Celebrity Pole Off in 2012. Click on the photo to watch Hossan Pole Dancing.

Hossan Leong has been in the show business here in Singapore for over 20 years, and he never fails to crack me up. He’s witty, ‘drama’, versatile and extremely talented. Hossan has been in the theatre scene, deejaying on radio, starring in English and Chinese dramas and film as well as hosting shows.

In 2013, SingTel’s #Need4GSpeed campaign featured Hossan Leong acting out scenes based on what Singtel’s twitter followers tweeted. And we were thrilled he did one for us.


To kill the Monday blues,  I stumbled onto two recent videos this 46 year old ‘boy wonder’ with his boyish looks did on YouTube for W Singapore’s ‘I Do I Do’ campaign. Hossan Leong is Mrs. Miriam Leong-Lim, mother of the groom and privileged lady of means as she gets all excited about her son who is getting married.


I Do. I Do. Episode 1


I Do. I Do. Episode 2

I Do. I Do. Episode 3

As part of the campaign, the public is invited to share their love story and stand a chance to win a 3 day, 2 night stay in W Retreat & Spa Bali.

W Singapore is also organising a wedding show on 11 October 2015 where one lucky couple will win a wedding celebration and honeymoon at W London – Leicester Square.

Visit http://www.idowsg.com/ for more details.


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