#Whattoplay with #Razer on TikTok

The #WhatToPlay Gaming Community on TikTok’s The Game Room is Thriving

Check out montages, tutorials, game guides and funny in-game moments on TikTok with the hashtag  #whattoplay and the launch of The Game Room. The Game Room is a monthly LIVE series featuring some of TikTok’s most prominent creators and global celebrities playing their favourite games. Singapore’s growing gaming community can capitalise on TikTok’s unique format and editing tools to share their love of gaming and carve out a name for themselves.

TikTok celebrated the 1-year anniversary for #whattoplay with Razer earlier this month sharing stories from top gaming creators such as @waffwlwolf@hydrolink@supercatkei and@skywee97_. There was an exciting lineup of gaming live streams and giveaways of over S$8,000 when users upload their gaming content!

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