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6 August 2012, Singapore – Food blogger Daniel Ang from Daniel Food Diary decided to start the initiative #cookforfamily to encourage everyone to cook for the family occasionally to bond and spend quality time together to better foster relationships.   After all, you’ve heard the adage “Home-cooked food is always healthier”.  #CookForFamily is a bloggers-for-bloggers initiative.

So our team decided to embark on this together and cook for ourselves and our food writer Kevin’s family.  It is really quite funny as three of us do not cook.   My original plan was to cook corned beef fried rice, black sauce chicken and stirfried vegetables.   Dennis was going to try making macaroons – well that was overly ambitious!  So what was originally an initiative to #CookForFamily ended up in a Cook WITH Family initiative which we thoroughly enjoyed.   Not only did I learn a few tips on cooking, I thought the six hours of bonding was fantastic!  Now I can’t wait for my family to return from their vacation so that I can cook for them.

So why don’t you join us to cook for your family occasionally.  Trust me, it may sound scary at first, but once you’ve tried it a few times, it actually becomes therapeutic!


We were fortunate that Kevin’s dad is a good cook.  When he saw me chopping up the corned beef, he took over cooking the fried rice.  His reaction was “What?  You are cooking fried rice with Corned Beef?  How can?”  He opened the refrigerator and took out two varieties of long beans, parsley, luncheon meat (only because we ran out of Chinese sausages also known as lup cheong) and chopped everything up before frying the fried rice.  Preparation of the fried rice was excruciatingly tedious.

#CookForFamily - Fried Rice
#CookForFamily – Fried Rice


#CookForFamily - Frying the egg for the fried rice.
#CookForFamily – Frying the egg for the fried rice.


#CookForFamily - The final product - Fried Rice
#CookForFamily – The final product – Fried Rice




#CookForFamily - Black Sauce Chicken
#CookForFamily – Black Sauce Chicken

This dish has been my expertise and it is rather easy to prepare.  Make sure you chop up garlic and ginger.  Marinate the chicken with pepper, sesame oil, chinese wine and fry everything with black sauce and some sugar.  This has to be my favourite dish.   Kevin enjoyed this dish and I watched him finish up the gravy and chicken.

#CookForFamily - Black Sauce Chicken Plated
#CookForFamily – Black Sauce Chicken Plated


Stir Fried Choy Sim”

Frying Vegetables are the easiest!
Frying Vegetables are the easiest!

Frying vegetables has always been my favourite just because it is the easiest.  Chop up the vegetables into three and stir fry it with garlic and oyster sauce and some Chinese wine and voila! The dish is ready to eat!

#CookForFamily - Stir Fried Vegetables
#CookForFamily – Stir Fried Vegetables



This took Dennis almost half a day to prepare and cook.  It did not quite turn out the way Macaroons should but it was a great first time which I am sure he will try again and again to master it and get it right one day.

#Cookforfamily - Macaroons
#Cookforfamily – Macaroons


#CookForFamily - The Macaroons didn't rise!
#CookForFamily – The Macaroons didn’t rise!


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  1. Very nice! You have the potential to be a house husband!

    It’s fun looking back at our entries for this meaningful project.

    Here’s my entry:

    Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing and yes! We agree with you that it is a very meaningful project. Think we all should do this at least once a month for our families.

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  3. WOW! DENNIS makes macarons! this is a real challenge!

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