Jay Park Jaebeom 박재범 Fan Meet 2010 at the Wavehouse in Sentosa

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25 September 2010, Singapore – Rushing down from Daughtry‘s performance at LG Live at Padang, Dennis (the guy behind the videos you see here)  and I rushed down to Wavehouse, Sentosa so that we could catch some Jay Park action before heading back to Padang for Adam Lambert’s performance. Anyway, Jay’s young fans came equipped with the fan message cards and boards as well as hand held replicas of Jay.

Eager Fans waiting for Jay Park to appear

Daniel Ong warms up the fans before Jay Park appears.  It was funny when he was trying to tell the audience that he will be moving over to 91.3FM and there was no reaction from the audience.


Jay Park makes his appearance by singing his famous song “Nothing on You”.  Here are some excerpts of the concert.



Here are some photos from the earlier highlights of the session.

Enjoy the photo gallery below.

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