Manhunt Singapore 2012 - Swimwear segment

Manhunt Singapore 2012 – Hunks In Trunks

SUPERADRIANME | Manhunt Singapore 2012 - Swimwear
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18 August 2012, Singapore – 20 shortlisted hunky men of this year’s Manhunt Singapore turned up at Wavehouse Sentosa to flaunt their bodies and brains at the official swimwear competition and pre-judging.  This is held ahead of the grand finals to be held at Avalon in Marina Bay Sands on 7 September 2012 at 8pm where the winner will walk away with cash and prizes worth S$25,000 including a 2-year contract with BEAM Artistes Pte Ltd and a one year True Fitness membership worth S$2,065. (CHECK OUT PHOTOS FROM THE FINALS HERE)

This year’s Manhunt contestants have undergone training by famed “Polo Boy” actor Paul Foster who has devised a diet and workout regime for all the boys.  Other Beam artistes such as Keagan Kang from (The Pupil 2) and Choy Wan (From MTV’s May & Choy twins fame) have taught the boys on the finer points of public speech and presentation.

Check out the video of the boys in their Trunks




SUPERADRIANME | Manhunt Singapore 2012 Swimwear
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Contestant 1 – Alex Li Bin ♂

  • 20 Years Old | 1.75m | 63kg
  • Pursuing Diploma in Real Estate at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
  • A B-Boy who enjoys dancing, working out at the gym, singing at the karaoke and all round aprtying
  • The tattoos are just too hot!!

Contestant 2 – Muhammad Siddiq B Durimi (“Siddiq”)

  • 24 years old | 1.75 m | 73kg
  • Freelance Technician
  • Shy and soft spoken and born into a family of many children.
  • Hopes to become an actor and wants to use this as a platform to fulfill his wishes.

Contestant 3 – Muhammad Ozalif “Oz”

  • 28 years old | 1.79m | 79kg
  • Personal fitness consultant.
  • First took part in Manhunt Singapore 2011 and decided to take part again this year being leaner, fitter and much more confident.

Contestant 4 – Daryll Ong ♂

  • 20 years old | 1.76m | 78kg
  • Student at Republic Polytechnic and acts on a part time basis.  Daryll was casted in Jack Neo’s upcoming feature film bearing the working title “The Army”.  Daryll has appeared in several television series and commercials.
  • Daryll was second runner up in the Mr. Singapore Pageant previously.

Contestant 5 – Jack Ragan

  • 29 years old | 1.78m | 78kg
  • Works as an insurance actuary.
  • Found out about Manhunt Singapore 2012 during a random search on Facebook.

Contestant 6 – Muhammad Imam Shah (“Emy”)

  • 23 years old | 1.79m | 74 kg
  • Fitness Instructor
  • Joined Manhunt because he was inspired by the titles won by his mother in her youth in several beauty pageants.
  • Used to be a scrawny kid and his life was changed when a lady he met in a club told her once that he was so skinny.

Contestant 7 – Syakir Rusydi

  • 22 years old | 1.75m | 60kg
  • Pursuing a diploma in Sonic Arts at Republic Polytechnic as well as a production crew assistant in Marina Bay Sands Entertainment.

 Contestant 8 – Jason Chee ♂

  • 25 years old | 1.8m | 80kg
  • Model, Personal Trainer and recent gym business entrepreneur
  • Not new to pageantry in Singapore, Jason’s titles include Singapore Calendar Guys 2010 Winner & Mr. Physique, Manhunt 2009 Mr. Physique, Cleo Bachelor 2011, Bachelor with the hardest bod, Best Model of the World Singapore winner, Best Model of the World Best in Asia.

Contestant 9 – Wilson Lau

  • 19 years old | 1.87m | 80kg
  • Student at Singapore Polytechnic pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering
  • The youngest of the contestants this year, Wilson used to be fat but has lost significant amounts of weight from sprinting and running 5 to 6 times a week.

Contestant 10 – Jonah Goh ♂

  • 26 years old | 1.89m | 80kg
  • Student pursuing his Degree in Financing from Kaplan University.  Part time model and performs at events.
  • One of his life achievements he is proud of is his successful weight gain from 55 kg to 81kg.
  • Jonah is the tallest contestant this year.



SUPERADRIANME | Manhunt Singapore 2012 - Swimwear
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Contestant 11 – Sahil Kaushik

  • 23 years old | 1.83m |67kg
  • Engineer working in the financial industry and models on the side.
  • An avid traveller who loves meeting people around the globe.   Sahil has a passion for guns as one of his loves and he enjoys pistol shooting which he plays on an international level.

Contestant 12 – Woo Tian Wei

  • 23 years old | 1.82m | 73kg
  • Part time student at SIM University and works as a financial consultant.
  • Joining Manhunt is in Tian Wei’s bucket list of things to do.
  • Tian Wei plays basketball, works out at the gym and dabbles in Muay Thai.  He has a black belt in Chinese Martial Arts.  He also contributes his time to a local non-profit organisation to assist them in building schools around the region.

Contestant 13 – Huang Yong ♂

  • 23 years old | 1.76m | 68kg
  • Maintains a strict fitness regime to keep his body in top shape in his job.
  • Studies Economics and Finance part time at SIM.
  • Dabbles in sports and music which his identical twin brother shares with him.

Contestant 14 – Muhammad Faiz B Arifin (“Faiz”) ♂

  • 24 years old | 1.80m | 84kg
  • Sports and Digital Management student at Republic Polytechnic
  • Hopes to be an actor in the future and is inspired by his idols Cristiano Ronaldo and Aaron Aziz.

Contestant 15 – Benjamin Tan

  • 29 years old | 1.80m | 70kg
  • Sports enthusiast and an adrenalin junkie and director of a fitness company.
  • Has a soft spot for cats and dogs.
  • Skilled in Martial Arts

Contestant 16 – Chen Hao Ran ♂

  • 21 years old | 1.79m | 73kg
  • Hao Ran moved from Guangdong, China to Singapore with his family 10 years ago.
  • Sounds and acts very Singaporean and even admits that his English is stronger than his Mandarin.
  • Enjoys singing and has been invited to perform in many events.

Contestant 17 – Gary Soh

  • 23 years old | 1.78m | 67kg
  • Student at Kaplan College
  • Natural romantic guy whose hobbies include reading.

Contestant 18 – Ng Joon Tat (“Jay Tee”) ♂

  • 23 years old | 1.78m | 84kg
  • Pursuing a course at SIM – RMIT and aspires to develop a career in fitness.
  • Used to be a fat kid in school when younger, Jay used to attend “TAF Clubs” (Trim and Fit) then to loose all the spare tires.  In fact now, he looks totally beefed up.

Contestant 19 – Edison Ho

  • 26 years old | 1.75m | 68kg
  • A personal trainer.
  • His bad boy looks does not reflect his sweet nature.
  • Edison goes by the nickname Edison King as he wishes to conquer all obstacles in his life.

Contestant 20 – Kelvin Ng ♂

  • 20 years old | 1.73m | 68kg
  • Recently graduated from Republic Polytechnic, Kelvin was rather shy on stage during the swimwear pre judging.  Perhaps being one of the younger participants, and also the last to present himself, the eldest child of the family was feeling the pressure.
  • Was the vice captain of his kayaking team in school.
  • Kelvin joined Manhunt Singapore without his parents knowing yet as he intends to surprise them.
  • I am sure his boyish looks will charm the judges.


 ♂ Indicate the contestants whom we are hoping will win this year’s Manhunt Singapore 2012.


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